Album Review: Enfeeble – Momentum of Tranquility

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Never was a title of a record more misleading than this; Momentum of Tranquility is far from being tranquil.  Tranquil is about calm, but this German band thrash with an intensity of early Kreator and have some same cadence as other German metal gods such as Sodom and Destruction.  However, the collection oozes class and is very memorable.  The songs are tight and thoughtful, blending aggression and melody with a unique sci-fi bend that sets Enfeeble apart from other bands of tenfeeblehe same genre.

Formed in 2005, the band consists of Lucas B (Vocals), Pascal S (Guitar), Klaus B (Bass) and Christopher G (Drums).  This is only their third release and it certainly has a unique sound, which is refreshing.  They describe their sound as “melodic metalcore” and I can see it, but it is so much more than just this.  There are elements of thrash and death metal thrown into the mix and there are some Voivod influences coming through as well.

The vocals of Lucas B really are diverse, moving from the screams and growls of “Epidimedia” to the wonderful melodies of “Farewell“.  The album is sprinkled with surprises, such as on “Four Eyes (Two Hearts)” when the song spins out into Rush territory with keyboards colouring the song and bass lines running away on a heated horizon before returning to metal territory, only to finish up as the out tracking.  The start of “Shooting Gallery” is similarly embellished before the band gallops away quick time.

I’m not sure what the lyrics mean largely, as information is not easily found on these metallers, but it all seems interesting and off the wall.  The only lyrics I have any idea about are on the best song “Farewell”, which seems about desolation and loneliness.

enfeeble_band1Other songs worth checking out are “Illusion” with its great vocals and broken guitar riffing and “Hypnophobia” with its rampaging blast beats and catchy chorus.

This ball of wax is really encouraging and inventive and should be checked out by any fans of metalcore/thrash or death metal.  If Lucas B stuck to singing in his unique and emotive style and ditched the growls, then this would be a classic metal entry, but I understand it may not be the way the band want to progress.  It is still one great stab of innovation with its twists and turns – I really enjoyed the keyboards (such as on “Peripetia“) that give them depth and remind me of some of the best songs of The Defiled.

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