Album Review: Monster Magnet – Cobras & Fire

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MM band-downloadWay back in 1998, I heard “Spacelord” from the Powertrip release, and saw the video, I still watched videos back then. Hoping and praying that I would see and hear something to get me out of the musical funk from about 1993-1998. Oh, I was so hopeful for this band. The video was amazing, pyro, huge metal riffs and some growling melodic singing. Good stuff then. Not my stuff ever since. I have kept trying to like each release from Monster Magnet but nothing and I mean nothing has been making my ears smile. Not a thing.

I am huge into space and sci-fi stuff so who calls this space rock? Do they mean I need to be spaced out as in stoned? Don’t think that would help and not willing to try.

I am huge into Cobra stuff, another passion of mine is G.I. Joe and their archenemy is Cobra. Not helping on Cobras & Fire. I am also into pyrotechnics. Nope still not helping make a bridge for me.

Lots of screaming, lots of psychedelic sounds a la 60’s; an era of music I pay little attention to. Where are the metal riffs? Where are the melodies?

Monster Magnet-Cobras & FireIs it because I only got into Monster Magnet on their 3rd release and not quite accustomed to their actual sound and vibe? Maybe. I am glad to take all the blame here, my fault and my fault alone for not liking it. As I have said before I would have a real hard time dissing someone’s art just because it does not appeal to me. I am sure this will appeal to someone, just not me.

“Ball of Confusion” is the only track I would expect to listen to a second time around, well done on covering the oft-covered song…for the first 4 minutes then it gets back to psycho noise for the next 3 minutes. Long songs throughout this release, which is nothing new for Monster Magnet.

I will await the next release, I won’t give up on Monster Magnet.

Blair De Abreu

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Monster Magnet Website / Monster Magnet Facebook / Monster Magnet Twitter

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