REDS’COOL – Press Hard (Album Review)


Reds'Cool - Press Hard (Album Review)Well, here we go again. I have just recently discovered that a great band issued an album in 2015 that I was completely unaware of! How does this happen? Too much music accessibility these days of internet perhaps? In any case, Reds’Cool came across my radar with their Bad Story album in 2013 when I reviewed it on request of another website. Apparently, the follow-up, Press Hard, became available in August 2015, but I had no idea!

It’s not too often that we in North America hear of a Russian rock band. In fact, the only one that comes to mind is Gorky Park with their minor MTV hit, 1989’s “Bang”.  But what other heavy metal outputs does the “Red Country” have? Well, for one they have Reds’Cool who, for the uninitiated, deliver heaping platefuls of melodic hard rock with every serving. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2009 they quickly expelled their first full-length record entitled Attraction in 2011 under the moniker Oldschool.  Two years later saw them unleash the sequel with Bad Story and now they quietly presented Press Hard in 2015. The roster of band members on Press Hard reads: Slava “Spark” Aleksanov (vocals), Ilja “Lu” Smirnov (guitar), Sergey Fedotov (guitar), Dima “Dee” Pronin (bass) and Andrew Krouglov (drums).

Press Hard launches out of the gates with “Dangerous One” exhibiting a great hard rock groove and a wickedly memorable chorus. “My Way” is a true melodic rock gem and the gang vocals on “The Way I Am” overlay the guitar work nicely in this bluesy number. More hooky vocal choruses are abundant in “Brand New Start”, the official video for which appears below, and the following “Strangers Eyes”. “Call Me” slows the pace a little, showcasing some blues-infused vocals and great guitar work. “One Night” was apparently the single released from Attraction that garnered radio play in St. Petersburg and remained on top of the charts longer than the legendary Whitesnake! “Love Behind” feels like it plods along a little bit to me, but does contain some top-notch musicianship, just not my favorite song. Press Hard closes strong, however, with “No More” featuring more sing-along chorus, catchy riffs, and a steady groove.

Reds'Cool bandThese Russians are simply melodic rock masters and the nine tracks of Press Hard would have certainly been contenders for my top albums of 2015, had I discovered this issue in time!

I said in my Bad Story review, and I’ll say it again here: “Overall Reds’Cool has put together a fairly solid collection of radio-friendly tunes great for fans of Whitesnake, Brighton Rock or even Bad English.” This time, however, they have presented a more cohesive and mature ensemble that bests the already awesome groundwork laid down by Bad Story. Watch out for Reds’Cool and I highly recommend full volume for your total listening enjoyment!

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