SHAMELESS – The Filthy 7 (Album Review)


ShamelessTo write that I was excited about this upcoming release is a bit of an understatement. Anticipation aside for a band made up of many veterans of the scene since the 80’s and current, I have to admit I was ignorant of the bands long ago inception in 1989 and continued creation of music. I had checked out some of their cover songs over the years but in all honesty I always regarded Shameless as a supergroup of musicians coming together to do just that, cover a song from an influential band or even more fun, a current charting pop song (check out the Katy Perry cover of “Hot & Cold” which I love both the cover and the original yes I do!). So just who are the musicians? Stevie Rachelle is a regular along with founder Alexx Michael, past guest appearances from Phil Lewis & Tracii Guns, Eric Singer & Bruce Kulick, Cherie Currie, Chris Holmes, Gilby Clarke, Jani Lane and more. Wow!

On The Filthy 7, their 7th release, we are provided 11 tracks for our listening pleasure.

Beginning with “How the Story Goes” sure is a great sounding start to me! The tone of the guitar is awesome. Very reminiscent of the UK Glam movement a la 70’s. Backing vocals just perfect. Love this song!

Shameless The Filthy 7Next, we are given a cover of a song I loved back in the 80’s, Billie Ocean’s “Get Out of My Dreams, Get into My Car”. Terrific rendition.

“I Don’t Wanna Know”  is another strong song. Up-tempo drum beat and more melodic backing vocals.

“Can’t Get Enough” reminds me of a 70’s KISS song style and structure all over. 4 songs in and 4 really good tunes!

Track #5 slows down for a fairly standard slow tune sound. Not bad, I am fairly indifferent to “It Can’t Be That Bad”.

“Serial Cheater” I am starting to loose interest. Perhaps it is the lyrical content, but the music is not doing it for me either, I may be getting too old for these lyrics.

Once again, I will blame my age for lack of interest in “WTF R U”.  

Ok, back on track with a great starting riff to “Love Game” which is much more interesting musically than previous 2 tracks. I like it.

The final 3 tracks are good with some cool bass lines and sounds all around. The release definitely falls off for me after the first 4 tracks. That said 4 really good songs, 2 songs I don’t have any interest in and 5 decent songs that I would listen to again is fine with me and I would recommend the release if sleazy, glam hard rock n’ roll is your thing. It is mine and this is served just fine.

Blair De Abreu

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