Album Review: Skindred- Volume by Blair De Abreu


Release Date: Oct. 30 – 2015

Skindred-volume coverSometimes coming back to something is rewarding, at the very least not giving up. I never gave up on Skindred, to be quite honest I somewhat bypassed them along with the genre that was mostly disappointing to me. Odd, since dancehall/electronic music is a pure pleasure of mine outside the rock realm. I absolutely love dance/house music. I like a lot of rap some from old school some from new (sk)cool. I also enjoy reggae & calypso, being that my kin have a link to the Caribbean and I grew up with this music. Anyway, in my opinion too many bands under the nu-metal brand did it very poorly, they forgot about melody and pop sensibility and let their aggression handle it all. A handful of Korn was ok with me, I was not up or down with most from System Of A… and when it comes to the “cookie boys” I can’t even bear to mention their name. Maybe that is what ruined me, so in the late 90’s and early 21st century I began to ignore most bands playing the same sound. My fault, because that includes Skindred. I would hear their stuff and think it pretty good but not move on it. My shame because on this, their 6th release, I can hear another style of music I enjoy; punk. I know the sound was evident before, but I just didn’t give these guys their due they deserve so here I am repenting.

The release begins strong for me with the onslaught the first single “Under Attack” then moves into their 2nd single from the release “Volume” another strong combination of sounds. Obviously this is a band to see and hear live, their reputation attests to that. The energy from the music is terrific!

Hit The Ground” trails off for me but we get right back into the thick of it with “Shut Ya Mouth”.Skindred

 “I” ok this track is amazing in sounds and vibe. You must check this out! Just a short one at 0:47.

“The Healing” is the song you want to check out for a riff heavy metal sound combined with great ragga singing. If you pick just one song to gauge if this is for you, make it this one.

“Sound the Siren” highlights the electronic and ragga side to begin, and is a damn good tune before and after it melds the metal sounds in.

Style change for “Saying it Now”. We hear a more pop/rock sound; I like it simply because we get to hear how clear the vocals of Benji can be as well. What a range for him, and the band.

II” is the 2nd interlude of the album, cool electro once again!

“Straight Jacket” sounds like Living Colour met Sean Paul, and then had a drink with Zeppelin, and I like it!

“III” take a guess!

Skindred2No Justice” I sure do appreciate when an album looks to finish strong, and with this tune Volume sure does. Punk sounds married in here and the honeymoon is pure strength in vocals all around!

“Stand Up” has what I think is one of the more wicked sounding guitars on the record. I think there is some Marley channeling happening here. Benji is a ragga vox king!

Well done Skindred, a strong finish indeed with “Three Words”.

 If you happen to be somewhere to catch these guys live, do that! While I have not experienced that yet, I will be if they are in my town or anywhere near.

Blair De Abreu

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