Album Review: The Radio Sun – Heaven Or Heartbreak

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The Radio Sun from Melbourne, Australia have teamed up with the great Paul Laine, as they did with their first album. Paul mixed the new album as well and co-wrote three tracks and lead55CB754A-australias-the-radio-sun-release-epk-video-for-upcoming-heaven-or-heartbreak-album-image vocals on one song. Their debut album, Wrong Things Right, was a top seller for MelodicRock Records and was well received by the press & public worldwide. The band formed in 2012 with vocalist Jason Old, guitarist Steve Janevski, drummer Ben Wignall and Robbie Erdmanis on bass.

This was given to me to review with only hearing one track earlier from my daily bible website Since the site first came out in the 90’s I don’t think I have missed one day of news on this great site. As a fan of Paul Laine from his solo days to his releases with Danger Danger I was excited to get a full listen to this album. Right away I heard some sounds from my favourite Melodic rock band Harem Scarem. I get a feel of the softer side of Bon Jovi and Def Leppard with a little Night Ranger. I enjoy many styles of hard rock and heavy metal so this is a nice change of some of the heavier music I have been spinning lately.

There are 11 tracks on the regular release and 3 bonus tracks on the special edition CD.


The new album Heaven Or Heartbreak starts off with “Caught Between Heaven & A Heartbreak”. Lyrically very catchy with some great guitar work. Absolutely a great start to the album. Continuing with the same tempo is “Tell Me What You Want”. A straight forward rock song which would be a great radio release track when our radio stations play this style again – hopefully soon! Thankfully we have the internet to find all around great music like The Radio Sun.

“Dying Without Your Love” slows things down with a great rock ballad which would have also been a hit on rock radio back in the day and would make a great video. It has a strong guitar solo and shows how this band ties it all together on their new release.

Up next is the much-anticipated song with Paul Laine on vocals. “Science Fiction Make Believe” starts off with the keyboards then right into a great riff leading up to Laine‘s vocals which are right on with the style of this CD. A great song with some great guitar work.

“Hanging By A Thread”, “Do You Remember Me?” and “Walk Away” continue the melodic feel of the album. These are great songs with a soft rock feel, similar to Bon Jovi. These don’t blow me away however they are well written and a great listen.

“Maybe” is one of my favourites on the album and sounds like what Paul Laine did with Danger Danger. Like most songs Stevie Janevski‘s guitar work on this album really stands out. Following suit is “You’re The One” which really rocks and is a highlight for me on this album. It really shows the maturity of this band and these well-rounded musicians.

On the first listen “Madness In The World” was my least favourite, but after a few times it grew on me as the opening singing style is different. Then it really kicks in vocally and turns out to be one of the most rocking songs on the CD.

Finishing off this great melodic album is “One In A Million”. A softer rock song, Old‘s voice shines on this track. This is the longest track on the CD which makes a wonderful finish.

This review was harder to start since my last reviews have been for heavier music. It was nice to go back to my melodic rock roots.

I will now order the special edition of this CD to get a listen to the 3 bonus tracks.

Shawn “Animalize” Irwin

BUY: The Radio Sun – Heaven or Heartbreak

Official Website / The Radio Sun Facebook

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