Album Review: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – The Night Creeper

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 uncleacidnightcreeperWho in the hell are Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats? That is what I’m asked whenever I mention the name of this band. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, are a four piece band formed in 2009 in Cambridge, England. I first heard of the band sometime within the past year when a friend told me to check out their last album, 2013’s Mind Control. After the first spin, I was in for the long haul. The term “Stoner Metal” is kinda close and nowhere close to describing the band’s sound. I don’t know, maybe I sound like stoner now after making a statement like that. Let’s just call it psychedelic, stoner, doomy rock n’ roll. Mixing a touch of early Black Sabbath guitar work with droning vocals, almost chanting like vocals at times, the Mind Control album makes you realize it is just that, Mind Control. You might just want to run out and join a cult after a few spins of this album along with a few drinks, tokes, smokes or whatever your vice of choice is while listening to music.

Now in 2015, the band has returned with The Night Creeper. An album that as front man Kevin Starrs puts it “The idea is that this album could have started life as an old cheap, grime-covered 25 cent pulp paperback like the type sold at news-stands outside subway stations, but then perhaps it is adapted into a film noir, which itself is then re-made twenty years later as an ultraviolent, slasher Italian Giallo film. The album follows this aesthetic lineage as it descends from to trash to noir to something discernibly darker.”

You got that? I kinda do, I think. Ah shit, I’m not sure. Look, all I know is that, when I put on The Night Creeper, I play the album start to finish. From the first track, the instant acid rock classic “Waiting For Blood” through the evil droning riffs of “Murder Nights” to “Downtown” and “Pusher Man”, the first half of this album will leave you peeking out your windows for a real Night Creeper. Seems perfect since the Halloween season is now upon us, doesn’t it? Track number 5 “Yellow Moon” is an instrumental that will help you relax your nerves for a few minutes before being thrown back into the evil of “Melody Lane”. Up next is the title track “The Night Creeper”, “Lock up your windows and bolt up your doors. Heed all the warnings he’s coming for more. Innocent eyes are not what they seem. Strangers are dangerous. they’ll hide all your screams.” need I say more? Damn it, I think I am a sucker for this creepy shit.

Ester SegarraFrom here we come to “Inside”, a track that asks the question, “Am I evil?” only to be answered with “You know I am, will I deceive you? You know I can“. “Slow Death” is probably my favorite track on this release. A psychedelic stoner jam complete with a repetitive droning guitar line over an almost slow motion, head bobbing beat. Shit, I am stone cold sober and I feel baked every time I listen to this track. And album for that matter. The album wraps up with the somewhat eerie track “Black Motorcade”.

As a whole, I have to say that The Night Creeper is a solid release. At times, you may want to check out for a bit to go collect your sanity, but me, when I check out this album, I check it out like I’m in the Hotel California. See what I did there? I can never leave. Give this album spin will ya? Just be sure to leave the lights on.

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