ALICE IN CHAINS – New Music Video (News)

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Alice In ChainsYou know it’s going to be a good year when Alice In Chains drops a new single on you out of the blue. The new track, titled “The One You Know“, is one hell of a track! It’s 100% the Alice In Chains we all know and love.

The track starts off with a dirty out of tune guitar tone which drones away as its down stroke staccato crunch beats the sub woofer to death. The harmony use of the vocals are strong and very melodic as is what is expected with Alice In Chains. The combination of guitarist Jerry Cantrell and front man William DuVall‘s vocals are chillingly close to the classic sounds of deceased front man Layne Stayley.

The guitar work and solos throughout are spectacular and that chorus will be in your head forever. Once you hear it, it’s hard to get out. I woke up this morning still humming the tune. This is pretty close in sound to their self-titled album from 1995 and is a direction I am personally excited that they’re taking. I wait with baited breath for the album.

Details of the forthcoming album is to be released soon. You can check out the new track “The One You Know” on the video below



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