Amaranthe-Breaking Point-B-Sides 2011-2015

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With being busy on the road for the last year, Amaranthe decided it was time for a new release. Just over a year ago Massive Addictive was released and now we have Breaking Point  B-Sides 2011-2015 released October 30th, 2015.  I would have thought that a collection of new music would have been preferable for me, but they came up with an impressive collection of 6 acoustic songs and 2 originals from the early days.

EP 2015 preview (1)[1]

Amaranthe from Sweden are: Elize Ryde vocals, Jake E. Vocals and Henrik Wilhelmsson Englund Screams. On guitar and keys is Olof Morck, Johan Andreassen on bass and Morten Lowe Sorensen on drums.


I do enjoy acoustic versions, but they are not something that I would often play. Starting off with “Hunger “from the S/T album and right away, this is good. Ryde has such an amazing voice and teaming up with Jake E. this is a match made in heaven. This is why I have been a fan of this band and coming this Sunday will be my 3rd time seeing them live.

Next up “Afterlife” from The Nexus album. What a difference hearing this toned down. A great version and well deserving a spot on this CD.

Already a slower track on the S/T album I was looking forward to seeing how “Amaranthine” was going to sound. I was not disappointed and this version would be great to slow things down live in concert.

Back to The Nexus album we have “Burn With Me”. Well written and the vocals are perfect. It’s all recorded with an instrument called Nyckelharpa (key fiddle). I was intrigued with this sound and had to google what it was!

Next up are a couple of tracks from the Massive Addictive album and both are amazing singles in the regular version but “Trinity” and “True” don’t disappoint with their acoustic versions on this CD.

With the vocal duet of Ryde and Jake E., these Swedes should be a world-wide phenomenon.

Separating from the acoustic nature of this CD are 2 plugged in tracks, both new to me. “Breaking Point” fits right in with all the other great tracks on the original albums. Screaming back is Englund and continues with the final song on this album “Splinter In My Soul”. Both tracks don’t disappoint with all 3 singers battling it out and the great musicians behind them.

My first impression was am I going to be drawn to just play the original version and put this to the side. Glad I gave this a chance as this acoustic version stands tall with the original or even better. As a CD collector, it was disappointing when I found out it was a digital release only. This is a must download to have for any fan of Amaranthe or anyone that likes acoustic versions of heavier rocking songs.

Shawn “Animalize” Irwin

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