AMERICAN BOMBSHELL – No Regrets (Album Review)


American Bombshell - Brian RonaldAfter reading my review of the Junkyard/Little Caesar show, I was contacted by Steve Boyles from American Bombshell. He had read that I had missed their set, in Indy, and offered to send me a CD. I gladly accepted and offered to review it, thinking it was the least I could do. Immediately I thought “CRAP!! I hope I like it!!” The last time I gave a non-favorable review, Rich “The Meister” Dillon, and I, got death threats for over a year and had to watch our backs at every single show we went to, in the Toronto area, for quite some time.

Well good news, folks!! I loved this CD from the second I put it in the CD player in my jeep. Every drive I take, I love it more. My husband, Chris, who is a self-proclaimed “Metal Purist”, and doesn’t “have any desire to listen to new bands”, will even like this one, I think. (But I’ll get to that later in this article since I plan to take advantage of our two and a half hour drive to the airport tomorrow when I have him as a captive audience. ?)

American BombshellAmerican Bombshell are a five-piece band all hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana. (Yes, my new home state). As you may or may not know, they opened for Junkyard and Little Caesar last month, but I, unfortunately, missed them, as I had been distracted by a really generous bartender (my new friend Shannon), and a bottle of Milagro Tequila, two levels up, in the club, prior to doors opening.) I’m very appreciative to Steve (American Bombshell guitarist) for reaching out to me, as I may have totally missed the boat on this awesome band, otherwise.

So first, a little background about American Bombshell. As I mentioned before, they are a five member band, from Indianapolis, Indiana. They came together, in 2104, all from their own successful bands with one common goal. To play badass, dirty, sexy, glammy, punky, hardcore rock ‘n’ roll, the way it was meant to be played. They put out No Regrets, in 2016, and have most recently been touring with bands like Junkyard, Little Caesar, Kicking Valentina and Enuff Z’Nuff.

It’s great CD. I love it. So much, in fact, that it’s difficult for me to pick favorite songs!! The first track on the CD is “Tattooz n’ Booze”. I knew right away that I was going to dig this band!! Fast paced, with great drums and guitars, and of course, the vocals are killer! A singer can make or break a band, in my opinion, and Jay Cee has a signature sound that fits this genre of music to a T!! So, I love the opening track, next is “Insane”, which is also great! Number three, “Like the Rest”, love it, can’t stop singing it. Track four, “More”, and five, “Party In Hell”…yep, you guessed it…love them! Next up is a really cool surprise. Song six is a cover of the Billy Squier song “Everybody Wants You”, which immediately took me back to the seventh or eighth grade. It’s awesome and like I said…a really cool surprise. “So Broken” comes in at the seventh position. A song that starts out with a slow, sexy groove, and leads to another great rock song (with some ‘feels’ in there too), showcasing Jay Cee‘s voice, beautifully And up next, another great track, “Hole In My Head”. One of my most faves is the title track which is number nine. It’s super catchy and another one that I can’t stop singing, and finally tenth is “Another Dead Rockstar”. Great lyrics, also catchy as hell and still stuck in my head.

American Bombshell - Shawn IrwinSo not a single negative here!! (And not just because of the previous death threat thing either!) I really love this band. And as far as my husband, Chris, goes…well we didn’t listen to the CD on the way to the airport, but as I’m writing this review, I am forcing him to listen, and guess what?? He doesn’t hate them, which, although it doesn’t sound like much…is quite an achievement, and next time they are playing Indy, he won’t make me go on my own.

So go pick up No Regrets! You won’t be sorry. That being said, I’ll end my review with a perfect line I got from the American Bombshell Facebook page: “Rock ‘n’ roll is not dead, people…you just haven’t heard American Bombshell yet.”

American Bombshell are:
Steve Boyles – guitar
Andrew “Nix” Nixon – guitar
Jason Carr – drums
Dustin “Dusty” Green – bass
Jay Cee: vocals

Some of Team Decibel Geek was able to catch American Bombshell in two performances as part of the Rock n’ Skull Festival in October 2016: RNS Day #1 / RNS Day #3

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