American Head Charge-Tango Umbrella (Album Review)

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American Head Charge-Tango Umbrella

American Head Charge are a nu-metal band from Minnesota in the United States. The band was formed in 1997, disbanded in 2007 but then quietly reformed and embarked on a ten-date tour of the American Midwest. The classic lineup of American Head Charge, Cameron Heacock (vocals), Chad Hanks (bass), Karma Singh Cheema (guitar), Justin Fowler (keyboards) and Chris Emery (drums) has added Ted Hallows (guitar) to the mix and issued the Shoot EP in 2013. Now American Head Charge present the full-length Tango Umbrella due for release on March 25th, 2016 on Napalm Records.

Tango Umbrella jumps out of the gates with “Let All the World Believe”. A great start to the track that then expands and we’re entrenched in the brutal sound and loud heavy choruses that I like a lot. “Drowning Under Everything” changes the style and is a very bass driven song with a fantastic chorus and sound. “Perfectionist” is a great track as well, again very bass driven, kind of in the Korn vein is probably the best way I can describe it. We move onto “Sacred” which is a very catchy slower song with “I Will Have My Day” following. “I Will Have My Day” is a real change of pace, this track is right up my alley and so far the best song on the album. A real rocker that springs Rob Zombie to mind. “A King Among Men” is a ballad and a nice one but totally unexpected, catching me off guard. Every track on Tango Umbrella is very different, it’s a real mix. “Suffer Elegantly” straight away has me thinking of White Zombie in another dirty, heavy song with great vocals and guitars. “Antidote” changes styles again and is not my favourite, to be honest. “Prolific Catastrophe” keeps the ball rolling again in another good track with the raspy vocals you would expect. We move onto “Down and Depraved” which is another fine track, a really, really heavy stomper. Tango Umbrella finishes with “When the Time is Never Right”, a real sludgy, slow song and another I wasn’t very excited about.

The best way I can describe American Head Charge‘s Tango Umbrella is a bit of Korn mixed with some White Zombie and you’re in the right ballpark. On the whole, it’s not a bad album but not a super great album either.

Mark 6 out of 10



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