AMERICAN PEARL – American Pearl (Album Review)


American PearlHello, Decibel Geeks.  Let me introduce you to one of Buckcherry’s two new members, Kevin Roentgen, who has replaced longtime guitarist, Keith NelsonKevin Roentgen is a beast who is perhaps best known for his time as singer/songwriter/guitarist for the band, American Pearl, whose self-titled album was released summer of 2000 and was produced by Steve Jones (Sex Pistols).

Back in 2000, it had been a decade since the Sunset Strip had relinquished its rock n’ roll heavyweight title to Seattle.  For that dreary decade, the Sunset Strip largely sat dormant while grunge, followed by boy bands, took the spotlight.  I said dormant…not dead.  And out from the Sunset Strip ashes arose American Pearl.  You wanna know what the Sunset Strip sounded like in 2000?  The American Pearl album sounds like the Sunset Strip tearing off its muzzle after being forcibly silenced for ten long years.  Hell, the opening track is even called, “California,” and it and the rest of the album was made to be played at maximum volume.  Kevin Roentgen relentlessly screams his ass off while he beats you half to death with his Les Paul.  The album also features Rodney Rocha (bass), Noah Shain (drums), and Kevin Quinn (guitar).

American PearlI was lucky enough to catch American Pearl live in 2000 at the House of Blues in Las Vegas as they opened for Tesla.  This was also the first time I ever saw guitarist Stevie D (Buckcherry) live.  Oh yeah, I failed to mention that Stevie D also played guitar for American Pearl (live, but not on the album), and therefore, the new Buckcherry lineup effectively features half of the American Pearl I saw that night.  I’m a big Tesla fan and I had never heard of American Pearl before I showed up that night.  But I left an American Pearl fan.  I ran out and bought the CD the next day and it remains in my top ten favorite albums of all time.  It’s also worth noting that American Pearl opened for the likes of Creed (their Wind-Up label mates), 3 Doors Down, KISS, Days of the New…and…wait for it…Buckcherry.

Ok, Ok, I’ll stop flapping my gums here and just let the music do the talking.  Here’s the aforementioned opening track, “California”:


And here’s “Automatic,” which also appeared on the Scream 3 soundtrack:



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