AOR – L.A. Darkness (Album Review)

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aor-la-darknessAOR‘s L.A. Darkness is due for unveiling on 18 March 2016 from both the Escape Music and Perris Records labels.

AOR are a rock band from France and they have released 14 albums to date with L.A. Darkness being the 15th. Frédéric Slama was born in Paris and is the founder of AOR. The band is his vision with lots of musical friends and session players making the AOR band you hear here. Some great vocal performances by Steve Overland and Jeff Scott Soto to name but a few of the guests.

Straight away you go into what you would expect from a band called AOR with “The Smartest Girl in L.A.”. If you like Foreigner, Chicago, Toto and bands like that, then this is for you. Great vocal in a catchy tune and a sing-along chorus. Moving onto “The Locked Soul” and you are singing along within seconds. So catchy and with very well written songs I can’t believe I have never heard of this band until now. “One Foot in Heaven” is a slightly slower song again with a very catchy chorus. Things get back to normal on “Blueprint for Love” and “Desire Turning into Dust” is just great aor style rock. “Heart in Pawn” is great, but then comes “Seven Storms” which is ok, but I am not so keen on the vocals, to be honest. “Why Girls Say No” has me hitting the high notes myself but on “Dangerous Fascination” again the vocals aren’t great, which ruins the song for me. “Burning Rainbows” is a lovely instrumental song and “No Margin for Error” is a duet with a lovely combination of male and female vocals. We finish with “The Trail to Your Heart”,  a good song again, but I’m not that excited about the vocals. The first two-thirds of

The first two-thirds of L.A. Darkness is definitely the better portion, but I am sure it’s a taste thing. It’s just that vocals make or break a song for me in this genre. On the whole, a solid aor style record, so give it a try if you like Toto and bands of that vein.

I give it a 6.5 out of 10


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AOR Website / AOR Facebook


Return To L.A. (2015)
Unreleased Tracks (2015)
L.A Connection (2014)
The Secrets Of L.A. (2013)
L.A. Temptation (2012)
Dreaming Of L.A. + 6 (Reissue) (2012)
L.A. Reflection + 4 (Reissue) (2012)
The Colors Of L.A. (2012)
L.A. Ambition (2010)
Journey To L.A. (2009)
L.A. Attraction (2006)
L.A. Concession + 4 (Reissue) (2006)
Nothing But The Best (2004)
Dreaming Of L.A. (2003)
L.A. Reflection (2002)
Next Stop L.A. (2001)
L.A. Concession (2000)

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