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armageddon roxxThe Decibel Geek Podcast has forever been preaching the gospel of “creating a local music scene with a worldwide audience”. As we continue to grow, this concept just continues to explode and getting to introduce new music to our listeners and readers is my favorite part of being on staff here at Decibel Geek. Coming up soon is the annual Hoser Heavy Metal episode of the Decibel Geek Podcast. As your hosts, Rich “The Meister” Dillon and I were doing our prep work when a song I had never heard, from a band name I had never heard was placed in front of me. “Time Bomb Blonde” was the song and it was recommended to me by Love Razer‘s vocalist Sydney Snow. I grabbed my headphones and was smiling ear to ear at the sugary sweet melodic “80’s” influenced guitar riff. By the chorus, I was horns in the air and singing along. Think Dokken..think Ratt…think Bon Jovi but Bon Jovi in 1984-85 when they were actually a rock band! I had to learn more about this music so I went on a mission. Special thanks to Sydney for the introduction, to the Decibel Geek Army I present to you…Armageddon ROXX!

After doing a little digging, I learned that the Armageddon ROXX project was the brainchild 22-year-oldold guitarist, Mr. Sam Tamberelli. The project began more than three years ago when Sam went looking for some musicians that could make his song writing visions a reality. With the aid of technology he was able to find those musicians in a most unconventional way. I asked Sam just how the project took on such a global recruitment?

“When I was in the early stages of writing and recording, I just sort of stumbled across Christopher Catton on Youtube. I believe it was his cover of Billy Idol‘s “Rebel Yell” that made me realize he was exactly what I needed for this project. Although he was not able to contribute to the entire album, he still played a big role behind the scenes when I was writing guitar parts. His ears are much better than mine therefore, I valued his opinion. I searched local ads for musicians who were willing to play on the EP but I had no luck. I turned to after and it was perfect for what I was doing! I did not spend too much time auditioning anyone on there as it just seemed to come together quickly and after hearing the first round of people I chose, there was no weak link and it seemed to be a good fit.”

heinrich-2016 armageddon roxxIn addition to vocalist Chris Catton being in Denmark, the project also features drums via Mike Vecchione from New York, alternate vocalist Raphael Gazal from Brazil, fellow Canadian Dylan Godfrey on the bass and keyboards via Marco Gnoatto from Argentina. Together this group has created an incredible self titled 6 Song EP that is only a few short weeks away from an official release.

The Armageddon ROXX EP kicks off with the aforementioned “Time Bomb Blonde”, an outstanding slick and polished sleazey rock anthem. Rich and lush guitar tone reminiscent of Ratt‘s Invasion Of Privacy album with a huge sing-a-long fist in the air chorus. I can honestly say that this song would have fit perfectly on any Ratt or Dokken release from the glory says on the Strip, it’s that good. This immediately brought up a question for Sam. How does such a young guy like yourself get turned on to a genre of music so far removed from your own generation?

“It all goes back to the music that was playing in the house since I was born. My dad is a big fan of Rock music and it is something we have always shared together my entire life. I might be a meatstick behind a turntable in a club if it wasn’t for him lol!” Seems like a lesson in proper parenting if I have ever heard one. We all owe Sam‘s Dad a round of applause as the world certainly does not need another electro “meatstick” DJ.

“Invisible” opens with another crunchy melodic guitar riff before launching into another high energy rocker filled with 80’s feel and attitude. The permanent grin that this writer has been wearing all week is partly due to the Armageddon Roxx EP. It’s feel good rock and roll party music and in today’s musical environment, it’s a breath of fresh air. Ok, maybe fresh air with a slight aroma of hair spray and Jack Daniels thrown in for good measure. “You Are My Star” has almost a Scorpions feel, “I’ll Be Waiting” leans towards a Black n’ Blue influence especially the keyboards and “Love Charade” has one of the catchiest choruses I have ever heard. If you grew up on the MTV Hair Metal of the 80’s you need to pick up the Armageddon ROXX EP.

kixx2015 armageddon roxxIf the music isn’t reason enough to give this a spin how about I give you another reason, I learned that half the proceeds from the sale of the EP are being donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. I told Sam that I was curious as to why that particular charity was chosen for his project?

“I lost my mom when I was 15 years old and one of the causes was a stroke. I wanted to dedicate this album to her and donate some of the money since I have not made as many charitable contributions in the past as I would have liked to. This seemed like a good opportunity for it.” Charity Roxx people!

After spinning this disk a few times this past week, alright I will be honest probably more than a few times. OK! A LOT, I HAVE LISTENED TO THIS DISK ALOT! I have a problem, these songs are additive!! A horrible thought crossed my mind, as a global project with it’s players separated by miles and borders and oceans, how am I ever going to hear this music live? I shared my deep concern with Sam

“I have put some thought into how a live gig of some sort could happen with different players however, nothing is set in stone at this point.” 

For more information and to find out how and when you can order your own Armageddon ROXX EP, just visit the Facebook Page and be sure to tell Sam that Decibel Geek sent you!

For a sneak peak you can listen to two of the songs on the upcoming EP at Sam‘s SoundCloud

Armageddon ROXX EP

1. Time Bomb Blonde

2. Invisible

3. You Are My Star

4. I’ll Be Waiting

5. Love Charade

6. Heartbreaker (Bonus Track)

Produced by Chris Tondreau @ Green Room Recording, Hamilton ON

Co-Produced by Sam Tamberelli

For more information or to donate directly to the Heart and Stroke Foundation simply click here.

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