ARMORED DAWN – Barbarians In Black (Album Review)

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armored_dawn_barbarians_in_blackARMORED DAWN – Bio

Armored Dawn are a power metal band from San Paulo in Brazil and sound like they come from somewhere in Scandinavia. Lyrically, they sing at times about Norse Gods (although some of those I believe originate from Germany, but are seen more as Scandinavian), or perhaps they are just heavily into bands from that part of the world.  Two bands that immediately came to mind listening to the album were Nightwish (check out the beginning of the opening song “Beware Of The Dragon”) and Dream Evil (notably on “God’s Of Metal”).

The problem with certain genres of metal is that it is difficult to find a real identity, something to stand out from the crowd. Power metal is one of those.  This has all the ingredients of the style.  There are the anthemic choruses, fantasy style lyrics, a touch of symphonic, lots of melodies and reasonably speedy guitar solos. All of this is performed pretty well. Vocalist Eduardo Parris has a strong voice and seems to be able to alter his style for any given song. There is a versatility to his work. He could front any number of bands with clean vocals and do them justice.

ARMORED DAWN – Barbarians In Black

Most of the songs are quite infectious, with easy to grasp hooks and choruses that should work well in a live environment. Nine songs are metal with one that is a called “Sail Away“. A few beers at a festival. In the mood for a sing song and up for some fist punching and head banging. Most of these tracks would probably do the trick nicely.

2017 © Denis Ono

The better tracks for me include the sea shanty style “Men Of Odin”, which has a bit of variety in it.  The song has differing tempos and a very good melody with a guitar solo to match.  In addition, the aforementioned “Gods Of Metal” which is proper cheesy metal – leave your brain at the door and scream along with the title! This is no bad thing. There are times it is good to escape and just have fun.

Keyboardist Rafael Agostino adds touches and flourishes throughout and sets the scene at the start of most of the songs. Amongst the bombast of the dual guitars, bass and drums, he gives extra texture to everything.

Final Thoughts

Not a bad album, but not original enough to excite me fully. The playing is of good quality and they are solid and tight. For me, they just need to branch out a little or find a sound that is more original to stand out from the crowd. This is an album for those who maybe just want to hear someone new within the confines of power metal. I would say that anyone who loves big choruses, racing guitar solos and a good vocalist, this is a band and album to definitely check out.

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