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Raising Hell in KKKalifornia hell

Andrew Jacobs here, Raise your hand if you first heard Aerosmith’s 1975 classic “Walk This Way” via their collaboration on the song with the rap/hip hop group

Happy 35 to the second KISS Alive

Andrew Jacobs here, I’ve always prided myself on being able to appreciate the entire KISS discography equally.  To me, most of KISS’s ’80s albums are

Monster roundtable discussion on this week's episode of THE KISS ROOM iTunes – THE KISS ROOM’s Matt Porter and Frank Hagan are joined by PodKISSt’s Ken Mills, Creatures Of The Net’s Cassius Morris and Kissteria‘s

my Vicious childhood

Andrew Jacobs here, The very first time that I heard the song “Chinese Rock”, it was neither by The Heartbreakers nor by, as heard on this

R.I.P. Sidney and Ronni Jacobs

Andrew Jacobs here, Last Wednesday, my father passed away due to a myriad of health issues.  On July 8th of 2007, my mother passed away

a tale of two KISS Army brothers

Andrew Jacobs here, Pictured above is Chad Sanford, who I’ve been friends with since January of 1995.  And coincidentally (or maybe not), he and I