BABYLON SHAKES – Exit to the Velveteen Lounge (Album Review)


Babylon Shakes - Exit to the Velveteen LoungeAnyone out there want to kick off 2019 with a low down, dirty slab of sleaze rock then listen up. Babylon Shakes is about to drop their debut album from HIGH VOL MUSIC entitled Exile To The Velveteen Lounge.

Those that know me are well aware I have a soft spot for the “sleaze rock” genre. I purchased Faster Pussycat‘s debut album more than once because I simply wore the shit out of it during beer-soaked, teenage high school parties. Exile To The Velveteen Lounge brings back all of those memories of adolescent debauchery in spades. That alone makes it a fun album for me.

Hailing from central Virginia, Babylon Shakes is made up of Chris Clark-guitar/vocals, Gary Jordan-guitar/vocals, Dave Elmore-bass/vocals, and Jeff “Morty” Mortimer-drums/vocals. Signed to HIGH VOL MUSIC, Exile To The Velveteen Lounge will mark their first full-length album.

Babylon Shakes delivers up ten tracks of riffing sleaze. From the “1-2-3-4” count in of “Making A Million”, the party is on!! A balls-out rocker that is every bit reminiscent of Aerosmith‘s Done With Mirrors era as it screams Pussycat.

The riffs keep coming one after another. “Sunset Striptease”, “Sin Parade” and “No Pictures Please” show other influences flavoring the stew. I can hear some Stones, I can hear some New York Dolls and of course I hear the sleaze. “Silver Tongue Devil” is my standout track a killer rocker that will most definitely surface as an upcoming Dick In The Dirt track. Also, have to give it up for the album’s ballad which doesn’t appear until track 9 on the record. “Stars In Your Eyes” is one of the strongest on the record.

Simply put, if you like your rock dripping with sleaze than you can’t go wrong with checking out some Babylon Shakes. Exile To The Velveteen Lounge is getting a ton of ear time and fits very nicely into my sleaze rock playlist on my iPod.

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