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Beat the Geek Week – Ep574


We’re back this time to present 3 rounds of the greatest music game show of them all with Beat the Geek Week!

In this edition, the Geek (Chris) will take on challenges from Joseph Kay (Play That Rock n Roll Podcast) and returning guest and friend of the show Andy Connors. Both of these guys bring a ton of music knowledge. Are they up for the challenge? Will they mop the floor with Chris when it comes to nerdy rock trivia? You’ll have to listen to find out!

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Beat the Geek


Additionally, you’ll get a Reverse Beat the Geek round in which Aaron will taken on longtime friend, radio vet, and podcast host (What The Hell Man! Podcast), Greg Berlin. Greg is well-schooled in music as well. But, can he defeat Aaron? Listen to find out!

We thank all three of our special guests this week and appreciate you listening to the only show that goes to eleven, Beat the Geek!

Decibel Geek is a proud member of the Pantheon Podcasts family.

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