BEDLAM REBELS – Self-titled EP (EP Review)

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Bedlam RebelsSan Diego based rock ‘n’ roll band Bedlam Rebels reached out to Decibel Geek via email to request that we take a listen to their forthcoming self-titled EP. The five-song collection drops on January 16, 2017, via Vonspor Records. For some bio info on Bedlam Rebels, they are comprised of Sean Macomber (vocals), Chris Sporleder (guitars), Nick Chisholm (drums), and Chris Eaton (bass). The EP was recorded by Sporleder at The Space Studios in California and mixed by Brent Arrowood. I should assume that Vonspor Records is affiliated with Sporleder…but that’s just me surmising based on the names.

BEDLAM REBELS – Bedlam Rebels EP

What a great chugging groove uncovered right off in the first track, “Right Out Of My Mind”. With a little 70s flavor to the guitars, this upbeat rocker packs a punch. The lead single, “Dying Breed”, slows pace in a funky psychedelic piece. It soon picks up the rockin’ levels again for the bridge and chorus. I know the band has chosen this one as the lead single and album promo, but I really lean more towards the opener “Right Out Of My Mind”. I can’t really gel with the slow/fast/slow style of composition. From there we’re moving on to “Walkin’ A Lie”. The “fuzzy” guitar riffs continue here in this mid-point song.

Back to mellow beginnings on “Crazy Storm”. For some reason, Black Sabbath springs to mind. The song just has that “doomy” feel to it. Finally, the fifth and closing track is titled “Masquerade”. Another higher energy infused cut exhibiting a good “pep”. The chorus is memorable and as with the former tracks, Macomber‘s vocals have a distinctly infectious tone.

Meister’s Final Thoughts

For my ears, “Right Out Of My Mind” is the real gem here. I really have to put the single, “Dying Breed” as one of the weakest and/or least enjoyable for me alongside “Crazy Storm”. But that’s just me. The rest are the kind of songs that you’d be rocking out hard to if this was the house band playing live at a party.



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