Big Dad Ritch of TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION (Interview)


Texas Hippie Coalition Interview
Big Dad Ritch of Texas Hippie Coalition Interview 2019: BDR joins the Cobras & Fire podcast for a fun conversation about their new album “High in the Saddle,” the challenge of local promotors, keeping the same band lineup, the challenges of the music industry and being the greatest Red Dirt Metal band on Earth.

You can hear the full interview here:  Soundcloud Stream

Texas Hippie Coalition’s new album, “High In The Saddle”, was released on May 31, 2019. The first single from the disc, “Moonshine”, can be streamed below. It’s the band’s second round with producer Bob Marlette  who also produced their album “Peacemaker.”

Big Dad Ritch: “When you hear the word moonshine, the first thing that comes to mind is usually a mason jar filled with grandpa’s creek water,” says frontman Big Dad Ritch. “This is a different kind of moonshine.”

“Many men throughout time have referred to their woman (sweet thang) as their sweet sunshine. Me being a creature of darkness and a lord of the night, I do all my dirty deeds under the moonlight. And when I talk about my baby girl, my sweet thang, I refer to her as my moonshine…”

You can watch the video for “Moonshine” below.


Big Dad Ritch captains this pirate ship of bikers, outlaws, troubadours, and hellraisers, welcoming all comers to the TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION party with gregarious charisma and Southern charm. Across a half dozen albums, countless club gigs, and show-stealing performances at Rockstar Mayhem, TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION has spread the good word of big riffs, big hooks, and wild times.

Track listing:

01. Moonshine
02. Dirty Finger
03. Bring It Baby
04. Ride Or Die
05. Tongue Like A Devil
06. Why Aren’t You Listening
07. Stevie Nicks
08. BullsEye
09. Tell It From The Ground
10. Blue Lights On

Album Info Source: Entertainment One album press release

Podcast source: Cobras & Fire

Texas Hippie Coalition Interview

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