Bizarro Covers 6 – Ep194

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This week we serve up volume 6 of what equates to a giant audio glass of WTF?!

Aaron and Chris are back this week to get weird as they bring you Bizarro Covers 6! This hour-plus slab of killer bands putting a fresh spin on some definite non-rock/metal tracks includes some fabulous upgrades.

Bizarro Covers 6

Bizarro Covers 6



You’ll get awesome renditions of songs by Phil Collins, Blondie, Depeche Mode, Elton John, The Pet Shop Boys and more performed by killer bands like GWAR, Jaded Heart, In This Moment, Stone Stour, Vince Neil, Volbeat, and more! It’s a strange sensation but it feels so good. Enjoy Bizarro Covers volume 6 and SHARE it with a friend!

Featured Artist:

Crucified Barbara

Crucified Barbara


Official Website

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Jaded Heart

The Quireboys



In This Moment

Vince Neil



Stone Sour

UK Punks

Geeks of the Week:

Todd Cunningham, Miguel Nunez, Dragonsfire, Mike Stewart, Dave Shirt, Mo Akram, Steve True, Warren Money, Ryan Sessions, Rob Webb, Robin Bennett, David Alpizar, Marc Alden Taylor, Joe Royland, Sit & Spin with Joe, Richard Rutter, Wayne Cross, Ian Wadley (Rock & Metal Combat podcast), Andrew Jacobs, Cobras & Fire Podcast, Billy Hardaway, Trevor McDougall, Derik Novak, Wayne Newburn, Chad Pollock, Joe Lascon, Brandt Cattell, All Over the Podcast, Dan Chaput, Greg McGlone, Brent Walter, David Glynn, The Rockin’ Donkey, Jay Motown Drummer, hoops, Colin Francis, David Hudson, Podcasts Are The Best, Toledo Steel, AlogiA, Striker, MusicMagsAndWax, RockPromoZone, Dennis Gamez, Laurie Brown, Adam Cox, The Mooger Fooger, TJCullen, Kevin E. Williams, Skull Fist, Terrance & Mark Experience

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