BLOODBOUND – War of Dragons (Album Review)

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Bloodbound War of DragonsPower metal is what Bloodbound stand for and power metal is what they deliver, in absolute spades.

War of Dragons is the Swedish band’s seventh studio album and it lives up to the power metal tag magnificently.

If you like your rock or metal sophisticated, intricate or based in realism then this is not for you. If, however, you enjoy booming, bombastic fantasy then step right in.

After a few lineup changes since their formation in 2004, the current membership consists of Patrik Johansson on lead vocals, Tomas Olsson on lead and rhythm guitars, Fredrik Bergh on keyboards and backing vocals, Henrik Olsson on rhythm guitars and Anders Broman on bass.

Judging by their Facebook pictures they indeed look a motley bunch but when their image is taken in conjunction with their music you are left in no doubt that they truly believe in what they are doing, and why not?

War of Dragons is available via AFM Records and begins with a short atmospheric spoken word piece preparing you gently for the storm to come and setting the scene.

With the album artwork and song titles such as “Battle in the Sky”, “Tears of a Dragonheart” and “Silver Wings” you know what War of Dragons is all about. There is nothing wrong with putting all your eggs in one basket if those eggs deliver all the musical nourishment you require, which this album does.

From the album opener-proper, “Battle in the Sky” to the finale of “Dragons Are Forever” (can you see the pattern emerging?) all the power metal boxes are ticked.

We have melodic vocals and gang choruses aplenty.

High pitched runs of riffs, often twinned, are scattered all over the album.

Quality well-paced solos adorn most tracks, beautifully fitting and satisfying.

Finally, to top it all off, there is machine gun drumming keeping the whole thing honest.

You may not be a fan of the fantasy world Bloodbound sing of but once you buy into War of Dragons you’ll soon be untying your dragon and riding it off into a hugely enjoyable sunset.




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