BLOODSTOCK 2018 Keep the Bands Coming – 4 More for Catton Hall (News)

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Bloodstock 2018 MeBloodstock 2018tal Festival (to be held at Catton Hall Derbyshire England over August 9 – 12) continue to keep the announcements going with 4 more names.

KISS through the years have used the slogan “you wanted the best you got the best”, however none of that kind of blowing your own trumpet from Scottish pirate metal crew Alestorm who have said “we promise not to be shite!” A typical kind of self-depreciating humor that Scotland is renowned for. This year marks 10 years from the release of their debut album Captain Morgan’s Revenge and 10 years since they played Bloodstock. They are promising “a silly party time in Englandshire” and I think that is assured. The last time I seem to recall (there is much drinking fun at Bloodstock) being challenged by singer Chris Bowes to a “warrior metal battle” in the campsite with plastic swords at some ungodly hour of the morning! If memory serves me right I won! Got to love the silliness at Bloodstock and the way some of the bands join in. Prepare for sea shanties and general malarkey on the Dio Stage Saturday.

One of the things that a good festival bill should have is bands you don’t know and are so good you have to check them out more. Well, once again Bloodstock have come up trumps with two acts that have passed me by up to now, firstly in Pallbearer who are playing the Sophie Stage on Sunday. This melodic doom metal outfit from Arkansas USA also have a progressive rock vibe at points and include elements of bands such as Tool, Mastodon and even Pink Floyd in what they do.  There is an excellent atmospheric feel to their music through all the tracks I have checked out. Definitely, a band to check out.

Fahran Bloodstock 2018

The second band that I was unaware of (I am ashamed to say) are Derbyshire based old school groove-based rockers Doomsday Outlaw. Again I had to go looking for music to see what they are all about and am mightily impressed. There is quite a Southern vibe to some of what they do, mixed with old school 70s rock in the shape of Bad Company and Led Zeppelin. Singer Phil has a good voice on everything I have so far checked out. They are also on Sunday playing the Sophie Stage. With Mr. Big, Fozzy and Nightwish on the main stage, Sunday looks like a day for keeping fans of old-school bands with crisp clear vocals happy!

Last but certainly not least are Decibel Geek approved outfit Fahran who are going to be rocking the Sophie Stage on the Friday. Energetic and impressive recently in Edinburgh, this announcement for me is something to look forward to immensely. They can rock out, but also groove with anthemic songs sang with clarity and gusto along with feel from Matt Black. Fahran Live at Bannerman’s Edinburgh Concert Review.

Once again a good variety or mix of bands. A chance to see and hear new and promising bands whilst drinking beer surrounded by good people. This year’s Bloodstock is shaping up beautifully.

Tickets are apparently selling very well indeed so it might be a good time if you fancy 3 days (or 4 if you camp over Thursday night) of metal fun and frolics to get to the website and buy before they sell out.  You can purchase tickets from this link (and there is a way of paying in installments as well should money be a bit tight)….


Official Website / Facebook





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