BLOODSTOCK Festival 2018 – The Complete Coverage (Feature)

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Bloodstock Festival 2018Hi, with less than 2 weeks to go to Bloodstock Festival 2018 this reviewer wishes to introduce himself properly and give a little information on the festival itself.

Auld Bugger’s Background

I am an old rocker that started gigging back in 1979. My first gig was Whitesnake on the Lovehunter tour in the Odeon Edinburgh. The album or record that got me into the scene was Rainbow Rising. Especially the amazing voice of the late great Ronnie James Dio. Who of course has the main stage named after him at Bloodstock. My favourite band since 1979 has been the Canadian Gods known as Rush.

I love most rock, metal, and prog although never really been much of a fan of the glam style of rock that permeated around the 1980s. Prefer it heavier or more challenging every time.

I have attended a few Bloodstocks through the years including one of the old indoor festivals in 2004 (Gamma Ray and Children Of Bodom headlined). The first outdoor I managed was 2008 headlined by Opeth, Dimmu Borgir and Nightwish (who are playing again this year but with Floor on vocals). Since then managed 7 more visits to Bloodstock Metal Festival.

Some Moments From Through The Years

Highlights for me include Europe shocking the boots of the folks who thought they wouldn’t be heavy or rocky enough for the festival back in 2009 and led to lots of singing in the campsite afterward. (Kudos to the guy complaining “it’s my final beer” leading to everyone chanting “do, do, dodododo” for the next 10 minutes).

The legendary Ronnie James Dio who has a stage named after him.

2010 was probably the most moving. Not long before the festival which was due to have Heaven And Hell playing, news broke of the death of legend Ronnie James Dio. So at the last minute, Mikael Akerfeldt who was already booked to play with Bloodbath got the team together to headline. However being a humble and decent guy he felt that he could not take Dio‘s place, so did a swap with Twisted Sister who then closed the event in place of Heaven And Hell. Both bands paid homage to Dio with Opeth doing a beautiful rendition of “Catch The Rainbow” including some very moving words and thoughts beforehand and Sister who did a raucous version of “Long Live Rock N Roll” in honor of him.

Other highlights include the crazy adventures of Devin Townsend and his crew even when his/their equipment got lost one time and he did 10 to 15 minutes stand up routine, Gwar doing their full and crazy set despite arriving on site 20 minutes before they were due on and the utter chaos of the prize draw which in other circles would have been called a disaster or a fiasco but at Bloodstock was a roaring success due to one fairly hammered alien called Oderus Urungus!

Mosh, Thrash, Or Stand With A Beer

Every Bloodstock I have attended has left me with great memories of bands and moments that stick with me. Without doubt one of the most friendly festivals around, which is a great size at around 18000. Meaning that from where I normally pitch my tent to the entrance is about 5 minutes! And to the main stage another 6 or 7 tops! Some of the pits are mad, to say the least, but even if you are not a pit person (I am not, too old too for all that….) you are still not far away from the stages and can see the artists easily whilst safely holding onto your ale!

This year looks excellent. I am very much looking forward to not only watching the bands but actually reviewing the action. This is my first time reviewing a festival and I hope to give a real flavor of the event and hopefully point readers towards some bands they might not be so aware of.

Thanks to the Bloodstock team for granting Decibel Geek the opportunity to be there and review.

There is still time to get tickets for the festival which kicks off Thursday 9 August. Headliners include Judas PriestGojiraNightwishArkonaDoroOrphaned Land, and Watain.

Tom Cornell 

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