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Bloodstock have announced the last main stage (the Dio) band for this year’s extravaganza in August, along with the last for the second stage (the Sophie) whilst also recently updating plans when it comes to the festival becoming a much greener event! More about that, later in this news piece.

Last Dio Stage Band at Bloodstock

First up on the Dio stage on the Friday, finishing the announcements, there are British old school thrash metal band Xentrix. The band have (at last) a new album coming out (June 7) called Bury The Pain which features the song down below this article called “Bleeding Out.” The album has been produced by Andy Sneap (Hell and now also part of Judas Priest). Both guitarist Kistian Havard and drummer Dennis Gasser still remain from the original outfit. The group found more fame perhaps due to their fantastic version of the “Ghostbusters” theme which was good in one way but a shame in another as it slightly took away from their own material was very good with lyrics that even today stand up politically and socially. Been a very long time since I personally have seen them, so I am excited to see them back!

Friday Sophie Stage

The next five bands are all for the Sophie tent, with two for the Friday and three for the Saturday. Starting with Friday, we have UK death metal band Karybdis. Their music combines quite a bit of prog as well. They last played the festival back in 2016 so it is a welcome return, where they can get to perform songs from their newest album In The Shadow Of Paradise, which vocalist Rich O’Donnell says lyrically is about “humanity’s abuse of the earth.

Friday also has female fronted metallers Control The Storm from Bristol. They won through the heats of Metal 2 The Masses to play the New Blood stage, way back in 2012 and have grown enough to play a bigger stage. It is one of the great things about Bloodstock Metal Fest,that they encourage new talent and allow bands to make a step up when the time is right. They have a symphonic edge, although I wouldn’t say they are “symphonic” totally. The expression they use is “melodic metal,” which sounds about right. Classic rock/metal.

Saturday Sophie Stage at Bloodstock

Moving to Saturday, and the first two bands are from Norway.  Helheim from Bergen are “Norwegian Viking Metal and I quote, “heavy, progressive and atmospheric,” although the new album seems to be more of the latter than the previous.  Rignir, which was released last month, is dark, gothic and slower than earlier albums. They formed back in 1992, with their first album coming out three years later. Since then, they have released around 12 or 13 albums and, as of this time, still feature the original three members.

The other Norwegian outfit are a power metal group called Guardians Of Time. Formed back in 1997, they  released their fifth album in Tearing Up The World late last year. Guests on it included Abbath and Tim “Ripper” Owens. Fans of Judas PriestPrimal Fear and Gamma Ray will find much to enjoy in what they do.

Finally, on the Saturday are Bulgarians Odd Crew who have the slogan “Strength, Pride, Respect, Family,” which is kind of true when you read their back story! Two of the band met as three year olds, met another member when eight and the final member at 12. As they all grew up, they shared their love of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin and created this band. They are all still together to this day.  Their fifth album, The Lost Pages, came out last year and if you enjoy metal like Pantera or Killswitch Engage, then they should be up your street.

Other Information

So, that is all the bands for the two main stages. Now we await the bill made up from winners from all the Metal 2 The Masses for the New Blood stage and those for the little Jägermeister tent.

Onto other news. Bloodstock have announced plans to make the festival more environmentally friendly, including changing to recyclable branded  drinking cups, have recycling points throughout the festival site, 100% biodegradable food packaging from all outlets and a plastic bottle scheme to collect and reuse within a very short time scale.

They also have the Big Green Coach link up through most parts of the country, to encourage folks not to drive and for those who do to join the car share scheme (link) to again help and support fans along with doing their best for the world we live in.

All this, and bands such as SabatonPowerwolfParkway DriveAnthrax, Scorpions, Dimmu BorgirSoulfly, Dee SniderGrand Magus, Rotting ChristQueensrycheEluveitieMetal ChurchCradle Of FilthRoss The Boss and many more. All to be seen at Catton Hall Derbyshire on the weekend August 8 to 11.

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