BLOODSTOCK Latest Bands and More (News)

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Latest Bloodstock Poster

Bloodstock Metal Festival have announced another 8 bands for the festival to be held at Catton Park in Derbyshire the weekend of August 8 to 11. The announcement includes both the opening acts for Saturday and Sunday on the main stage named after Ronnie James Dio simply known as the Dio stage and 6 for the big tent known as the Sophie stage (in memory of Sophie Lancaster a young lass who was murdered due to the way she dressed as part of the rock and goth scene) for both the half day Thursday and Friday.

Dio Stage Announcements

Starting with the Dio, opening up on the Saturday are English technical progressive metallers Krysthla. They are hard at work on their third album as a follow up to 2017s “Peace In Our Time“. This 5 piece were described by magazine Metal Hammer as one of the bands setting 2016 on fire! Praise indeed.

Sunday openers on the Dio are from LA in the USA and called All Hail The Yeti (one of several great names announced so far). Listening to them there is a mix of things like Trivium or Avenge Sevenfold at points with the groove of say Rob Zombie with plenty of melody in-between. Their latest album (their third) came out last year and is called “Highway Crosses“.

Sophie Stage Friday New Bands

Moving onto the Sophie stage the first four of the six are for Thursday night. It is a mix of bands and artists who have played in the last few years but are coming back for the pre-festival show. The Thursday night was a late addition starting back in 2010 due to the amount of folk arriving the night before to camp for the weekend and is only from around 5pm till late to keep fans entertained until the main event.

First up are Barbarian Hermit who played the New Blood stage last year impressing many folks. In my review I wrote how much I enjoyed their “slower dirty unpleasant fuzzy tones”  whilst name checking Black SabbathThe Doors and Cactus (look them up).

Changing pace and style are classic hard rockers Blind River. They are old school rock with a gritty sounding vocalist. The band actually featured on the Classic Rock’s top 15 tracks of 2018” cd! Impressive stuff.

Ten Ton Slug come from Ireland and are described as “groove heavy slug lords“. their influences include COC (Corrosion Of Conformity which I am sure you all realised), Orange GoblinPantera and of course Black Sabbath.

The ridiculously named Footprints In The Custard are a comedy punk/trash outfit who sing daft songs about drinking and small penises. Childish perhaps but with a few beers sunk at Bloodstock likely to cause a bit of mayhem. Their interests (according to Facebook) include “drinking, dancing, falling over, cross dressing and bears). 

Friday Sophie Bands

Scorpions: Sunday Night Headliners, (Photo c/o Scorpions site)

Moving onto the first official day of the festival Friday and still in the Sophie comes melodic death metal band Countless Skies. Inspired they said by the dark sounding music coming from Scandinavia they also have touches of progressive artists like Devin Townsend and Opeth in the mix.

The last announcement band wise is BongCauldron. This 3 piece are a mix of sludge, stoner and doom and totally metal. Their likes are apparently “getting pissed, headbanging and old school thrash pits” so perfect for Bloodstock.

Strongman/Woman Competition

Outside of the music there is once again going to be the strongman/woman competition over the weekend. It runs over the 3 days with the men’s competition being over 2 days and the ladies the one (being Saturday). There are openings for actual metal heads to join in competing. For those who are strong and do weights then there is a link to apply with more information. Link

Bloodstock Metal Nights

Bloodstock also have set up rock nights around the UK starting in April where just about anything can happen including bucking broncos, air guitar championships and endurance tests! There are things to be won at all of them including chances to win tickets for the festival. Cities include Stoke, Reading, Bristol, Camberley, Newcastle, Glasgow, Norwich, Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield, (all April) and Woking, Stoke On Trent, Bristol, Portsmouth, Coventry

Sabaton: Friday Headliners And History Buffs!

, Aberdeen, Norwich and Birmingham (all May). Check the Bloodstock web site or check locally in the towns mentioned.

All this and previously announced bands SabatonPowerwolfSoulflyMetal Church, Parkway DriveAnthraxCradle Of FilthSwallow The SunScorpions, Dimmu BorgirQueensrycheDee Snider and many more making this the place to be this August.

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