BLOODSTOCK – Six More Bands Announced (News)

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As an Easter treat, Bloodstock Metal Festival have rolled a six band announcement for the festival to be held at Catton Hall in Derbyshire England in August.  Most of the new additions are for the Friday (10th), with two for the main stage (known as the Dio) and three for the main tent (known as the Sophie).

First up, is the return of British thrash stalwarts Onslaught. They are one of the few bands that can lay claim to having played not only the outdoors version of the festival, but also the old indoors one where they featured in the last event back in 2006! They are promising to unveil some brand new material in their set from their next album, set for release late in the year. They will also be introducing two new members to the band, as yet unknown to the fans. Expect “The Force” to be strong on Friday on the Dio stage.

Getting the honour this year of first band on the main stage of the festival goes to Kent-based “hardcore rock n roll” band Feed The Rhino. This five piece have been around since 2008 and are garnering more attention than ever with new album “The Silence” getting good reviews and being featured on the Radio 1 Rock Show. With their description of themselves being “loud as fuck”, it seems that they will get everyone in the mood for the rest of the weekend!

Also Friday, but on the Sophie stage, comes the five piece Japanese band Lovebites, who are power metal. They have a new mini album coming out in June called “Battle Against Damnation”.  They have quite a few fans in people like Michael Weikath from Helloween and Hansi Kursch of Blind Guardian, who certainly know a thing or two about the genre! Their songs have some pop sensibilities and catchy choruses to add to the fun. Oh, and they happen to be female…. but that, to be honest, is not the most important thing. They just happen to be very good.

Bringing some London black metal are De Profundis. The band certainly live up to their name from the Latin meaning “from the depths”, as they are black, heavy and intense. They have changed through the years, having been more doom sounding when they played the what is now called New Blood stage 10 years ago. They have always been heavy, but now there are more hints at progressive music amongst the brutality. They have a new album coming out in May called “The Blinding Light Of Faith”, so expect some new material on the day.

Finally, in the Friday announcements are Reprisal from the south east of England. Calling themselves “brutal thrash” gives us all an idea of how they might sound, yet there are still moments of melody through the mayhem. The new album “None Survive The Sun” features 10 songs about “the futility of human endeavour, the brutality of nature and the inevitability of death”! Heavy in content and music.

The last band in this six band package are from New York and called Uncured. This young band could be called progressive death, as the music is at times intense but also very technical having lyrics with a sense of social awareness, especially in the song “Opium Den” which looks at the effect of the drug on whole families including young children. Founded in 2016, they sound like they have been around for much longer, due to the strength of quality in their material.

A very interesting selection, with some bands I was personally unaware of. Due to my very progressive rock and metal leanings, I am particularly excited by a couple of the groups added to the bill.

Headliners are Judas Priest, GojiraNightwishDoroOrphaned Land and Watain.

With days getting nearer it might be wise to see about purchasing tickets soon and this is the link to do so….




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