Bobaflex – Anything That Moves

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Bobaflex_ATM_2015_CoverI got to meet the McCoy brothers and the rest of Bobaflex when they brought their traveling Rock Show to Minnesota on June 20th. I had only recently been exposed to the erection inducing Rock from West Virginia and the subsequent show I saw made me realize that I had been in the dark when it came to Bobaflex. They are one of the current bands we need to ensure the future of rock.  I mean my hand has four fingers and one thumb.  And if a punch from it could render death to something or someone it wouldn’t be Bobaflex.

Available everywhere is Anything That Moves.  The latest aural assault from Bobaflex reminds this guy (insert two thumbs) of why Rock music matters.  It’s not the pills and the cocaine as they say in the song “Dry Your Eyes”.  It’s not the scrotum shrinking riffs. It’s the sweat you ring from your shirt after a great show.  It’s seeing a band so believable you immediately go home and change your Facebook status.  To something else.  Bobaflex is that special type of boner sauce.  After hearing them for the first time, I felt like going back to the guy who gave it to me and letting him know “I told my friends.  And they know where to go when they want more.”

Music matters.  Tastes may differ, but one thing should reign above all. Integrity. Belief in what you’re doing.  AC/DC isn’t great because they invented anything. They are great because no matter how rudimentary they get, they always sound like AC/DCBobaflex by no means sounds like AC/DC. They sound like Bobaflex.  Which is my point.  And love it or hate it is why Bobaflex is important. They have more in common with Megadeth and AC/DC than they do something called Breaking Abel. Or Saving Benjamin.  And that is a good thing.

After the album intro “Burn Them All” it goes into “Start A War” which reminds us we’re all gonna die. The solo after the first chorus put Bingo Dots in my shorts. It’s reminiscent of much of their music, but you may want to fight someone who has wronged you before the song is over. Just saying.

“Mama Don’t Take My Drugs Away” is a brilliant if not obvious Bobaflex anthem, but it’s the song “Lose Control” that reminds us just how thrash these guys can get.  So here’s the thing.  If you like Bobaflex then you will like this record.  Deep down you already want this record. In places you don’t want to admit exist, you NEED this record. Listening to it made me so happy I gave my cat extra treats today.  Plus I got to make my Mom worry about my soul just by telling her I was really digging this song called “Pray To The Devil”.  If that doesn’t make your day then… we don’t have much in common.

Best tracks: “Start A War”, “Lose Control”, “Pray To The Devil”, “Objectified” and “Turn Me On”

Worst tracks: The worst thing about this record is that it ends.

If you like hard rock or metal that doesn’t sound like a blended version of Nickelback, Godsmack, Creed and Disturbed then you will probably want to put this record in your iPod so you can rub one out to some real rock music.  Yep.  I just said this record is so good you will jerk off while listening to it.  And damn if that ain’t good.

Play this loud.

Go to the Amazon link below and buy this record.  For you.  For me.  For us.  For Rock N Roll.

BUY: Bobaflex – Anything That Moves

Bobaflex Official / Bobaflex Twitter / Bobaflex Facebook / Bobaflex Youtube

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