Bobaflex At POV’s 65-Review by Bakko

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Bobaflex 1If you’ve never seen Bobaflex live.


You fucking should.

I seriously considered using that as my entire review.  But in my line of work using ten words instead of a thousand just isn’t trying.

With that Bobaflex brought the rock to POV’s 65 in Spring Lake Park, MN on June 20th.  I was recently turned onto the boner inducing music of Bobaflex by my Cobras and Fire co-host and fellow Decibel Geek writer Loose Cannon.  It was like hearing the voice of God.  If God wore leather pants and slammed Root-Beer Barrel’s with the Devil.  Rock music is pretty much responsible for my entire life.  And as much as I enjoy all types of Rock music, the harder the better.  And Bobaflex brings the Rock hard.  Their Rock is harder than Fred Willard in a movie theater.  Their Rock is harder than learning Geometry in braille.  Their Rock is harder than explaining Bret Michaels career.  In case I’m not eloquently making my point, their Rock is pretty hard.  And heavy.

Bobaflex 2On top of spending the last few months absorbing their catalog in preparation for this article, I scoured the web looking for details on the band’s history.  Needless to say, I was more than a little irritated to find they have been around almost 20 years. How does a band that embodies all of the important qualities of Rock music that Bobaflex does exist without me knowing? And while we’re at it how does Hinder get on the radio?  At some point I’ll sit down and ponder the what’s and why’s of the music industry and offer my own solution but right now my job is to tell why your life will be better with a little Bobaflex in it.

Bobaflex 3I arrived at 7:00 to interview founding member Marty McCoy.  Around 7:04 I was informed he was sleeping.  Interview be damned there was no way I was going to be responsible for waking him up.  Sometime after 8:00 I ran into him in the bathroom and we did the interview after that.

We spoke for about 15 minutes outside the club before I went inside to lose my Bobaflex virginity.  The show starts with the opener from the Charlatan’s Web record where some douchebag promoter is doing his best Fred Durst impression by inexplicably leaving a very unprofessional voicemail for Shaun McCoy.  From there it was a precise onslaught of Rock so hard that… well, you know.

For the first few songs, Shaun McCoy played the role of the lead singer before taking the guitar from his brother Marty while he took over lead singing duties.  I can say it wasn’t long into their set, probably by the end of “Never Coming Back”, that I really wanted to start shotgunning beers and take my shirt off.  To the benefit of those around I did neither.  I never take a great band for granted and these guys came to play. Blasting the audience with songs like “Bad Man”, “Low Life” and “I’m Glad You’re Dead”.  You may not know those songs but if you like Hard Rock music then you will love them.  They even played a couple songs from the soon to be released (July 17th) record Anything That Moves.  The highlight of which was “Mama Don’t Take My Drugs”.  And, of course, they performed their man-tear inducing cover of the Simon and Garfunkel classic “Sound Of Silence”.

Bobaflex 4I need a shower just remembering the show. Rock music is meant to be fun. It’s meant to be a source of abandon.  It’s meant to make you feel something.  Bobaflex does all of that while simultaneously reminding you that the world is a better place with Rock music in it.  If you’ve heard them, seeing them live will only make you like them more.   And if you don’t like them, well…let’s just say I hadn’t taken a side in the Hatfield v. McCoy feud before this show.  And you don’t want to be on the wrong side.  Rock ain’t dead and it ain’t hiding.  You just stopped looking.  Quit being a pussy.

Another show brought to Minnesota by Viking Rocker Productions.  Those of us in the Twin Cities are lucky to have VRP and John Weidenmann making sure we don’t miss out on great Rock N Roll Music.

Bobaflex Official Site

Bobaflex Facebook

Bobaflex On Twitter

Bobaflex YouTube

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