Bobnoxious live in London, Ontario

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Show date: August 2, 2015: Ribfest London, Ontario.


Bobnoxious London 2015

A local band that has a decent following in and around Southwestern Ontario, they deserve more attention than they receive. That being said their “Rockaholics” are a loyal bunch!

Their sound is a Motorhead meets Ramones style.

Bobnoxious London 2015As we await the start of rock n roll’s most obnoxious band, a tornado ensues, a severe thunderstorm watch is in effect. Apropos for the boys in Bob….these fellas boast their slogan to be cheers fuckers!

Well, they deliver! Like few in the last 2 decades. Their latest release E.O.A., their 6th studio album, the title track named after a section of London, On “East Of Adelaide”. All rhythm, all attitude, straight ahead, two-fisted twisted rock ‘n’ roll, to quote Bobnoxious. They rarely stop to chat, perhaps because the purple/black skies and heavy winds are indications to play, play fast and hard. Impressed they played “E.O.A.” and another of their more popular songs “Won’t Go Quietly” earlier in the set, smart move! We abandoned the show about 45 minutes in when the downpour arrived. Having seen the sound tent almost lifted away, thanks only to 4 fast moving fellas grabbing hold of the poles, it was time to seek shelter. Call me a wuss, there were funnel clouds and a confirmed tornado in the area.

EOAA local band, deserving tBobnoxious London 2015o be so much more, Bobnoxious plays to their audience. The faithful 200 or so ready and waiting in the downpour in what has yet been a desert of live rock ‘n’ roll this summer. We have had the pleasure of Keith Urban, and such similar others at “Rock Fests”, while as you may have read I like many genres country trash is not one. Sorry, “bros”. Very little to, as they say in various parts of Europe, get f’n mental about!

Look. See. Listen. Might I recommend again…. check out the locals. As in skater lore…..”locals rule”.

So…2 fisted twisted rock ‘n’ roll lives!

Bobnoxious Website / Bobnoxious Facebook / Bobnoxious Twitter

Blair De Abreu

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