BONAFIDE – Flames (Album Review)

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Bonafide FlamesFlames by Bonafide (7th studio album, released in February 2017, Off Yer Rocker Records)

Bonafide is a Swedish hard rock band, formed by singer/guitarist Pontus Snibb in 2006. Honestly, until I got to do this review…I had never heard of them.

The Good: The opening track “Back in Flames” is a bluesy tune with a great riff and a cool vocal melody. This song is perfectly placed on the album to get you interested. “Smoke & Fire” is a catchy melody with a hook riff that starts you making comparisons to other things you may have heard. Is this band like AC/DC?  Could the singer replace Brian Johnson?

“Bottle of Jack” is an outstanding track. My favorite on the album (my favorite “adult” beverage too but that’s a story for another day). “Written in Stone” is more of a pop tune, radio friendly. “Flipside Groovin’” has the best catchy chorus on the disc.

The Bad (but actually not that bad): “Power Down” is a lower energy track and the band lost me a bit because the guitar is too loud in the verses. “Like it Now” is catchy but overall the worst track on the CD. The disc ended with a 7-minute ballad “Under Your Spell” that if cut down to about 4 minutes would be a really good song.

Overall: The guitar work is good. Great solos, some are Frehley-esque. Definitely 70’s, early 80’s type guitar riffs. The singer, Pontus Snibb, is awesome!! A mix of Josh Todd and Bon Scott with a sprinkle of extra soul. What I love is that he isn’t doing a bunch of vocal gymnastics. He knows where is voice sounds best and sticks within that range. As a side job (because we are all hoping for the best with Bonafide), he should be the next singer in AC/DC. Songwriting wise, Bonafide lacks a bit when writing choruses. They have some great ideas but unfortunately, the choruses don’t stand up to the verses/music. Add 1 co-writer that can help with the choruses and this good band becomes OUTSTANDING.

Just one crazy persons’ opinion.  Thanks for reading.  Pooni out!




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