BRIAN RONALD’s Top 10 CDs of 2016

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Brian Ronald’s Top 10 CDs of 2016 for Decibel Geek

Decibel Geek photographer extraordinaire, Brian Ronald chimes in on the album race with Brian Ronald’s Top 10 CDs of 2016. For his list he compared a total of 149 releases to acheive these ten best.

#10- Miss Behaviour – Ghost Play

It’s another top 10 again for these Swedish faves of mine. If not for this being a late release it could’ve climbed higher!

Decibel Geek’s Album Review by Blair DeAbreu / BUY: Ghost Play 

Official Website / Facebook

#9- Captain Blackbeard – It’s a Mouthful

Pure melodic bliss! It’s been a loyal CD in the rotation since its release. Another Swedish gem that can’t be ignored!!

Decibel Geek Review by The MeisterBUY: It’s a Mouthful 

Official Website / Facebook

#8- Bulletrain – What You Fear the Most

This is an outstanding first full-length CD from these Swedish rockers. It just kept growing and growing on me! Love it! Don’t go to the old lighthouse!!

BUY: What You Fear Most

Official Website / Facebook

#7- Primal Fear – Rulebreaker

Here’s another solid outing from Ralf and company. These guys again represent what true metal is all about! I hope the end is NOT near!

Decibel Geek Album Review by Shawn IrwinBUY: Primal Fear – Rulebreaker

Primal Fear Website / Primal Fear Facebook

#6- Shakra – High Noon

With Mark Fox back at the helm, Brian has returned to his “Shakra” comfort zone and it’s a real treat to my ears!

Decibel Geek Album Review by Shawn IrwinBUY: Shakra – High Noon

Shakra Website / Shakra Facebook / Shakra Twitter

#5- Phantom V – Phantom V

I’m usually a little leery to get attached to “project” bands as they always seem to leave you stranded after an album or two but I just can’t ignore this gem!! Brilliant stuff! Maybe it’s the Bonfire CD that I really wanted?

Decibel Geek Album Review by Colin Francis /

PHANTOM 5 Website / PHANTOM 5 Facebook

#4- Tango Down – Bulletproof

5th effort from these guys has it all. This has all the elements of perfection – pure heavy melodic rock and roll with huge solos, amazing vocals, and harmonies galore.

Decibel Geek Album Review by 3 staff writersBUY: Bulletproof


#3- Grim Reaper – Walking in the Shadows

Heavy as hell! Steve shows he still has one of the best voices in rock! Well done. Did I mention heavy as hell?

BUY: Walking in the Shadows

Official Website / Facebook

#2- The New Black – Monsters Life

My most played CD of 2016 – hands down! “Buddha Belly” might be the song of the year for me!!

BUY: The New Black – A Monster’s Life

The New Black Website / The New Black Facebook (German language)

#1- Tygers of Pan Tang – Tygers of Pan Tang

This is truly a fabulous CD. Mr. Weir has officially returned this band to the frontline of rock. It’s their best CD since their desert island classic Spellbound. Mastered by Harry Hess!

Decibel Geek Album Review by Mikael Svensson / Decibel Geek Interview with Rob WeirBUY: Tygers of Pan Tang

Official Website / Facebook

Honourable Mentions – Too Good Not To Be Missed!!

Killer Bee – Eye In The Sky (Decibel Geek Album Review)

Last in Line – Heavy Crown (Decibel Geek Album Review)

Niterain – Vendetta

House of Shakira – Sour Grapes

Maverick – Big Red

Don’t forget to check out the Collective top album of the year from all of the Decibel Geek staff.

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