BRODERO – Liars and Thieves (Single Review)

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Put together by brothers Jake and Paul Figueroa (formerly of Crobot), Brodero is rounded out on lead guitar by fellow New Jersey boy Joe Cirotti.  Their first single, “Liars and Thieves”, drops on December 12th.  It is a rifftastic little ditty which may or may not be a reference to Jake and Paul’s prior band.  When asked, Jake was more pragmatic saying “I mean, we are all liars and thieves in someway right?”  The lyrics are non-specific enough that they don’t offer any real answers either, but do contain the line “Can you steal from thieves?” which is a great lyric.  While I’ll admit some trepidation upon hearing of Brodero.  In the words of my podcast co-host Loose Cannon, it’s going to either be horrible or great right?  If this track is an indicator of what to expect, it should be great because “Liars and Thieves” is badass.  Jake handles lead vocals on this song, which not surprisingly, has a bit of a Crobot vibe.  The opening riff grabs you out of whatever chair you’re sitting on and drags you down a 3 minute rock n roll explosition.  For sure it holds it own with any stoner rock band.  My level of intrigue has shot up after hearing this track.  More please.

No one likes to see their favorite band split up but if the result is a world with Crobot and Brodero making music, we may all win in the end.  Look for a Brodero EP in 2018.  Follow them on Facebook for all your updates and where to buy this track starting December 12th.

Brodero Facebook / Brodero Instagram



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