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Who knows where I crossed paths with Bullet. The internet can be a wondrous place of musical discovery sometimes. Quickly collecting the catalog at the time, I voraciously devoured the oft compared to AC/DC-like outputs. Pre-ordering and waiting for delivery of Full Pull, Bullet‘s 2012 release. There’s nothing like getting one of those packages in the mailbox!

Bullet originally formed in Vaxjo Sweden in 1996 comprised of Dag “Hell” Hofer (vocals), Adam Hector (bass), Gustav Hjortsjo (drums), Hampus Klang (guitars) and Erik Almstrom (guitars). The band has five albums in their collection, Heading For the Top (2006), Bite the Bullet (2008), Highway Pirates (2011), Full Pull (2012) and Storm of Blades (2014).


One of my early articles soon after Decibel Geek opened up my new writing addiction was a bio/history sort of piece on Bullet. This was before Full Pull‘s release. Perhaps in part, it was the knowledge of that down the horizon that assisted in prompting me to write. Mostly I just loved the band and everything I’d heard. Oft likened to AC/DC, but there’s a lot of NWOBHM lurking in there as well. Vocalist Dag Hell Hofer has a high pitched screeching wail that at first can be a bit stark. Once you sit with it for a few moments you realize how much it compliments the music. I guess I just felt that the world needed to discover Sweden’s Bullet. I Bit The BULLET.

Bullet bus - The MeisterBULLET at Sweden Rock Festival 2013

When the decision was made to attend my first overseas giant music festival, 2013’s Sweden Rock Festival, Bullet was involved. They were not the sole driving force but certainly played a factor. Their name appeared in the roster alongside massive names such as KISS, Rush, Saxon, Accept, Krokus, Doro, and UFO. All big faves of mine and appear in my full sleeve tattoo as well. Coupled with these attractions, many of which were my first time seeing live, were smaller bands that saw regular rotations for me. Bands like The Scams, Sister Sin, Huntress and of course Bullet. Unused to Swedish weather changes, I was 50% miserable during their first day of the festival set and 50% ecstatic. You see temperatures plummet in Sweden after dusk especially spending all day in the sun. I was freezing cold. Shivering. But sticking out every second of their show. Several times throughout the event I passed by the famed Bullet Bus in the media parking lot. Always wanting to knock and say hello, but too nervous at the same time. Read about my Sweden Rock first time adventures here: SRF 2013 Day One Blog.

Storm of Blades

We saw Storm of Blades arrive in 2014 (check here for my album review: Storm of Blades). For Storm of Blades, Erik Almstrom departed the fold and Alexander Lyrbo stepped in to take up the second guitar position. But after that release, the camp fell silent and I feared it was over.

Bullet certainly became a favorite band for me. When mentioning the name in music conversations in Toronto, I often found they went unknown. Their music often surfaces in my MP3 playlists. I hope that they continue issuing fantastic fist pumping albums and to see them live once again!

2018 turns Dust to Gold

And now in 2018, prayers were answered in 2018 with the issue of the band’s sixth effort, Dust to Gold on SteamhammerNow touring behind the recently released Dust to Gold album brimming with soon to be Bullet classics, this is one of the sets I’m most looking forward to.

My 6th straight SRF, I again get the opportunity to witness Bullet on stage. Their sixth album, my sixth Sweden Rock…co-incidence or trickery? You can check out Bullet‘s Dust to Gold album and others via their website, but if you like raw in your face fist stomping old school hard rock and heavy metal, let the Bullet hit you!


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