Buried Treasure 2 – Ep185

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Back in October of 2013, Chris and Aaron had a brainstorm. They noticed that many people like songs from big albums by big bands but when those bands go “out of fashion” with the mainstream, they release some great work and much of that work gets ignored by the general music listener. The idea of Buried Treasure was born.

BuriedTreasurePart2PromoThis week Aaron and Chris present Buried Treasure II; a collection of great songs from some of your favorite bands that you may have missed from albums released after mainstream success faded. In this hour-plus show you’ll get cool tunes from Dokken, Thin Lizzy, RATT, Britny Fox, Dio and much, much more. Dig it!

Dokken– Shadows of Life – Dysfunctional (1995)

Quiet Riot – Loaded Gun – Terrified (1993)

Aerosmith– Bolivian Ragamuffin – Rock in a Hard Place (1982)

Thin Lizzy – Angel of Death – Renegade (1981)

RATT– Breakout– Ratt (1999)

Britny Fox – “Six Guns Loaded” – Bite Down Hard (1991)

Samantha 7 – “Bury Me” – Samantha 7 (2000)

Faster Pusscat – “The Power & The Glory Hole” – The Power & The Glory Hole (2006)

Ugly Kid Joe – “Would You Like to Be There” – Motel California (1996)

Dio – “Golden Rules” – Angry Machines (1996)

Geeks of the Week:

Dave Shirt, Nikos Tevelis, Cobras & Fire, David Alpizar, Rich Dillon, Matt Ashcraft, Brian Odermatt, Brad Kalmanson, Mike Davis, Miguel Nunez, Terri Green, Mike Stewart, Ryan Sessions, Aaron Baker, Robin Bennett, Robert DePasqua, Kal Hinz, Wayne Cross, Dan Chaput, Ian Wadley (Rock & Metal Combat Podcast), Bakko, Billy Hardaway, Trevor McDougall, Colin Francis, James Brendon Dunn, Justin Hayes, Joe Royland, Marc Alden Taylor, Gino Ames, Brent Walter, Matt Syverson (Paperback Rocker podcast), Warren Money, Rodney Dickson, Chad Pollock, Kai Velmer, Brian Knapp, Darren Parkin, Sit and Spin with Joe, The Riff of the Day, The Rockin’ Donkey.

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