Captain Black Beard – It’s a Mouthful (Album Review)

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Captain Black Beard - CD coverEdward Teach, better known to most as Captain Black Beard the notorious pirate shares his well-known moniker with a melodic rock band from Sweden, really where else would they be from with the veritable hotbed of musical output from that Scandinavian nation in the last few years. The band was born in 2009 and after paying their dues playing the Stockholm club circuit, Captain Black Beard recorded their debut full-length album and released it to rave reviews in 2011. The 2011 self-titled CD was followed by Before Plastic in 2014, which featured guest guitarists Bruce Kulick and Mats Karlsson and now they have unveiled It’s a Mouthful last month. Captain Black Beard are comprised of members Vinnie Stromberg (drums), Sakaria Björklund (vocals/guitar), Christian Ek (guitar) and Robert Majd (bass).

I must admit that with all the press and reviews of the fist CD, the guests on the second and even being sent It’s a Mouthful as a promo from Perris Records, they had completely slipped through my fingers….that is until a couple of days ago when I cued up It’s a Mouthful on a whim. Wow, what a sweet slice of melodic rock loaded with catchy hooks and choruses that will replay in your head all day long, one song in particular. Captain Black Beard‘s It’s a Mouthful leads off with “Divided Feelings” which also received the video treatment (available below). About the video, Captain Black Beard says: “We hope that everyone watches the video to “Divided Feelings”. Once again we worked with 11 Frames and made a tribute to the 80’s slasher flix and the zombie genre in general. It was a lot of fun to make and even more fun to watch.” The harmonies and catchy vocal and musical hooks are prevalent throughout each and every composition on the album with “She’s the One”, “Mouthful of Love” and “Take Me to the City” being some standout faves for me, but it’s “Far Gone” CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD Band Photothat receives the nod as the crowning glory. It has a 70’s funk that screams of familiarity to me, but can’t quite place it. In any case a thoroughly enjoyable ride!

I may have missed Captain Black Beard originally, but I’m on board the Queen Ann’s Revenge frigate now! Ahoy mateys! Melodic rock fans, do yourselves a favour and give Captain Black Beard a listen…..and the album cover is also quite attractive….It’s a Mouthful indeed!

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