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Category: Episode


Episode 13 – Nashville X-TRA

We hope everyone is over their tryptophan-induced coma. Thanksgiving was a great time for us at the Decibel Geek Podcast. We had a lot to


Episode 11 – Russ Dwarf

Direct Download We enter the month of November with a guest from the Great White North. Russ Dwarf has been entertaining audiences for nearly 30


Episode 10 – Nashville X-tra 2

Direct Download We’ve got a brand spankin’ new Nashville Xtra episode for ya jam-packed with some old interviews!  Really, it’s more exciting than we make


Episode 8 – Nashville X-tra

Direct Download We begin this week with an explanation of Aaron Camaro’s hobby of hanging out with big, beefy dudes that like to oil themselves


Episode 7 – Geekwire w/Mitch Lafon

Music Featured: Theme: Manic Bloom First Break: Oblivion Myth (6:41) Second Break:  Hello Kelly (16:55) Third Break: 3 Minutes to Live (25:15) Fourth Break: Absinthe


Episode 6 – Rik Fox (Part 1)

Direct Download Rik Fox is a pioneer, artist, and has a unique perspective as an inside source of the rise of the American hard rock


Vinnie Vincent Special – Part 2

Music Featured: Theme Song: Manic Bloom 1st & 5th Break: Piranah 2nd Break: Absinthe Junk 3rd Break: Fist of the North Star 4th Break: Oblivion