STATION – Station (Album Review)

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station-cdNot so much late to the party as letting this one age like fine wine. That said, wine needs more than a year and a half and Station needs much less in my opinion. When I came across the band a couple years ago I listened to their EP and really liked “Everything”. The others were good but not as ear catchy. Glad to report they included “Everything” on their full-length release that came out in April 2015.

Station is out of NYC and from what I see online they have a high energy show, they don’t stand in place by any means. The vocals have quite a range, including some very high pitch notes which I always appreciate. The guitar is most certainly derived and inspired from the 80’s hard rock genre with a current hard rock edge to it as well. The bass is front and forward, thank you and the drums fill in the backbeat very nicely. All around solid band.

They recently played their first Canadian show in Toronto, which I sadly missed, along with Autograph which seems like a perfect pairing.

If I had my druthers, boy that word makes me sound old but it works; I would pair Station with Sleazy Way Out from Montreal and Löve Razër from Windsor for a killer triple bill!

The release starts strong with “I Don’t Want To Know Your Name” a full-on rocker.station-band

“Everything” has everything that makes a perfect tune for my ears. A killer riff, clean vocals with a slight edge and a chorus that could never bore us!

“Dressed To Kill” The first visuals I saw of the band were through this video release, and the impression of a fun time was clear.

“Are You Sleeping Alone” slows the tempo right down; the sound is very similar to “The One” by Praying Mantis both being good tunes. I find both bands parallel in their ballads and rocking.

station-fb-2“True Believer” The echo effect on the guitar is nice. Another strong mid-tempo rocker.

“With Me Tonight” gets us back to the power ballad. It’s a good song. Very Danger Danger sounding.

At this point, the remaining songs are good but begin to meld into one another. I will take them, as I don’t dislike anything about the latter half of the release it just becomes generic.

The band is tight both on a recording and live level, I do think they would have benefited from a 10 song release rather than 15 songs. I only say that because a third of the songs are good but either further finesse, perhaps leave us wanting more which I still do and easily worth the full purchase. A top 10 this year for me.

–  Blair De Abreu

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