Charm City Devils: Cowbell Remix Video & Personal Reflection


Charm City Devils have been featured heavily in the last few weeks on both the DG podcast as well as several Facebook posts.  This is a fine decision by our fearless leaders and inspired this post.

While meditating after an intense yoga session, I reflected on my previous life when a few clowns and I wrote (read: wasted our time) for a site called  RUFKM stands for “Are You Fucking Kidding Me?”  We also did the majority of our writing from 2008-2012 while at work so essentially were paid for our efforts. It amazes me that we had the time and minimal supervision to do this.

RUFKM is a blog with little focus, rational thought, offensive subject manner and bad grammar.  It is a blend of both music and stories of insanity and  “13 Stupid Questions” with Tesla, Anthrax, Skid Row, etc.  We sold T-Shirts, toured the world and persuaded bands and labels to send us free tickets, CDs, downloads.  This was impressive to us as our site visitors were decent at best but nothing to brag about.  A couple of our articles were picked up by Blabbermouth and Metal Sludge.

It is now infested with tumbleweeds as it hasn’t been

updated since 2012. Our lives took over and RUFKM died but it’s still there, dusty on a GoDaddy server.  I’m always impressed the team at DG has the discipline and passion to produce a weekly Podcast and the writers to keep this site updated.  Well done all around.

One of our most popular creations was the  “Cowbell Remix Video” masterpiece of Charm City Devils’ stellar track “Pour Me.”  It features a variety of cowbells, and a cast of millions including Steel Panther, Carrot Top, Justin

Bieber, a drum solo by Neil Peart and has been viewed over 23,000 times.  It’s officially endorsed by CCD, they’ve posted it several times over the years on their FB page.  Lead singer John Allen also subjected himself twice to interviews: @Crue Fest 2 & online.

Since RUFKM is essentially out of business I wanted to share this with all of you.  Results may vary.

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