CHASER – Raiders – The Anthology (April 28, 2017)

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New Wave of British Heavy Metal aficionados may have felt a hole in their lives for the past 30 years or so but that hole will soon be filled. Chaser are back!!

Back in 1984, Chaser, from Ipswich, UK, released a now recognized classic single in “Raiders” but were, unfortunately, unable to release a full album at that time.

Between 1984 and 1987 the did manage to record 15 tracks intended for an album, which will now see the light of day with Raiders – The Anthology.

Out on April 28, 2017, via High Roller Records, this record will satisfy the most demanding of NWoBHM fans as well as puzzling many as to why they couldn’t get a release back in the 80’s.

In a recent interview with guitarist Kevin Clark explained, “We did approach many record companies during the time but always seem to fall either side of what they were looking for!! Some companies classed us as too heavy for their label whilst others told us we weren’t heavy enough and too commercial sounding!!!! I think not being based in London was also against us as at the time there were loads of bands all trying to do a deal. Music too was shifting away from guitar to synth and a load of New Romantic-style music was flooding the market eventually pushing rock and metal underground. I suppose nothing ever changes as far as most record companies go, in that they want to make money and that means going with what’s in at the time! To say it was frustrating at the time though was an understatement.”

1980’s Chaser

This time around the record release was all down to a man called Bart Gabriel who contacted the band out of the blue asking them to release their music, initially on Skol Records.

Having been available in 2016 the album will have a more widespread release on April 28 through the aforementioned High Roller Records.

Thank goodness for Bart…..





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