Colin Starchild Francis’ Top Ten of 2016


My name is Colin Starchild Francis, Decibel Geek staff writer based in the U.K. and here are my top 10 albums of 2016. When people say rock is dead it makes me laugh. You just need to look for it! There are so many new and exciting bands out there and old bands releasing great albums. This list was so hard to compile as my taste for metal is so varied, everything from black metal to AOR, but I have tried to keep this list to bands most people will relate to.

Vega Who We AreNo 10. Vega – Who We Are

I got this album to review for Decibel Geek. Vega are a British AOR band who have so much potential all their albums are solid rock albums with great melodic songs. They take me back to the early 90’s and if you haven’t heard them, do yourself a favor and check out Vega now.

My Decibel Geek Album Review / BUY: Vega – Who We Are 

Vega Website / Vega Facebook

Phantom VNo 9. Phantom 5 – Phantom 5

Phantom 5 are a German rock band with some fantastic rock songs. A newly formed band that goes to prove my above point regarding the death of rock and roll. With vocals from Klaus who used to front the popular band Bonfire, this debut album is a real great listen.

My Decibel Geek Album Review / BUY: Phantom 5 – Phantom 5

PHANTOM 5 Website / PHANTOM 5 Facebook

The-New-Low-Continuance-2016No 8. The New Low – Continuance

The New Low are another new band from the USA. This time, they are in the melodic hardcore sound with so much going on in their songs, so many breakdowns, brutal riffs, and growling vocals. A real gem of an album another must listen. Another band I discovered thanks to reviewing for Decibel Geek.

My Decibel Geek Album Review / BUY: The New Low – Continuance 

Official Website / Facebook

img_7480No 7. Billy Talent – Afraid of Heights

Canadian rockers Billy Talent outdid themselves on this truly wonderful and in my eyes their best ever album. With great driven and highly catchy rock songs, it makes a great rock album. Once again I had the pleasure of reviewing for Decibel Geek.

My Decibel Geek Album Review / BUY: Billy Talent – Afraid of Heights

Official Website / Facebook

Monte Pittman 1No 6. Monte Pittman – Inverted Grasp of Balance

Monte Pittman is an American guitar virtuoso best known for being the guitar player for Madonna but this is nowhere near. Where this album goes musically with some brutal metal tracks, fabulous vocal work and obviously some amazing solo work is a much better path. Go get it guys and gals. Yet another I reviewed for Decibel Geek.

My Decibel Geek Album ReviewBUY: Inverted Grasp of Balance 

Official Website / Facebook / Twitter

DevilDriver - Trust No OneNo 5. Devildriver – Trust No One

DevilDriver is an American nu-metal/death metal band. It’s hard to bracket this band but you must know how HEAVY they are. I feel Trust No One is by far the best work this band has produced. A great metal masterpiece so if you have never gotten into DevilDriver, give this one a little listen. You will love it!

My Decibel Geek Album Review / BUY: DevilDriver – Trust No One 

Official Website / Facebook / Twitter

airbournepackshot_No 4. Airborne – Breakin’ Outta Hell

Aussie rockers Airborne get back on track after a few, I feel weaker releases with this fantastic album. Breakin’ Outta Hell could arguably beat their debut! Chugging riffs, brutal vocals (an AC/DC for the new generation), beer and shout songs, a real treat live if you have never seen them.

Decibel Geek Album Review by Loose Cannon / BUY: Breakin’ Outta Hell 

Official Website / Facebook / Twitter

img_7481No 3. KISS – KISS Rocks Vegas (Live)

KISS, surely I don’t need to tell you who they are, but I debated whether to put this in here. After re-listening to the album I felt it had to go into my list. A great live KISS album which reflects how the band sounds now. If you like KISS this is a must own just waiting on the studio album next year …

BUY: KISS – KISS Rocks Vegas (Live)

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The Dead Daisies Make Some Noise_1500x1500pxNo 2. Dead Daisies – Make Some Noise

This American rock band produced one of the greatest rock albums ever this year. Now seemingly settled with one of the best rock singers in the work, John Corabi, this just propels Dead Daisies into the stratosphere with Make Some Noise. This fantastic rock album with amazing musicians is a must own classic rock album.

Decibel Geek Album Review by David AlpizarBUY: Make Some Noise 

Official Website / Facebook / Twitter

metallica_hardwired-_to_self-destruct_2016No 1. Metallica – Hardwired…To Self-Destruct

Again I don’t need to tell you all who this band are. After not really liking anything they have done since the Black Album I am declaring to you all Metallica are back in a massive way! This album is exactly what they should have released after the Black Album. Hardwired…To Self-Destruct is full of good surprises with James‘ vocal work going in many different ways and some awesome heavy guitars. You will regret it if you don’t rediscover Metallica. Go do it now, the kings have returned.

Decibel Geek Album Review by WallygatorBUY: Hardwired…To Self-Destruct

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So many great albums and yet so many I have left off like Anthrax, Sixx: A.M. and so many more. The list reflects how I feel now and I can’t wait for 2017. Cheers guys and gals and have a great holiday

Colin Starchild Francis

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