Conversation with a KISS Meme – Ep373

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We return this week with one of the most “inside” KISS-related shows we’ve ever done as we have a Conversation with a KISS Meme. To explain, in 2010 teenager Rich Cser was basking in the discovery of rock and metal music. For fun, he filmed himself singing and doing air guitar to some of his favorite songs and uploaded the videos to Youtube. Of these videos, his choice of KISS’ Ready My Body from 1989’s ‘Hot in the Shade’ album was a strange one. Furthermore, his animated air guitar performance, complete with tongue wagging and throwing “the horns” got the attention of the KISS Army. Soon, the video would be the topic of much discussion on many KISS groups and message boards. Not all of the response was positive. Ultimately, it was a conversation starter regardless of good or bad reaction.



After 2010, the video of Cser asking if the letters are big enough kind of fell by the wayside; until this year. Popular Youtube host Ralph Viera (aka Dr. Fukk) resurrected the video on his channel for a bit of playful satire, explaining that his girlfriend had left him for Cser before throwing to the original video.

Not one to stand idly by, Decibel Geek host Aaron Camaro got to work and actually found Rich Cser on social media. Once explaining to him that his video had gotten quite a reaction, he surprisingly agreed to appear on Decibel Geek. Today we give you Conversation with a KISS Meme. Thanks to Rich Cser for the cool talk and to Ralph Viera for reminding us of the badassery that is the Ready My Body video.

WARNING, please have your girlfriends or wives leave the room before playing this episode. Unless you want them to leave you.

Original Video of Rich Cser performing Ready My Body

Ralph Viera’s Video

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