Conversation with Mark Slaughter


This week we fulfill an interview wish that goes back to the beginning of the show; fitting for our 4 year anniversary.

This week Aaron and Chris celebrate the 4 year anniversary of Decibel Geek with an in-depth conversation with Mark Slaughter. Currently promoting his new solo album produced by Michael Wagener, ‘Reflections in a Rearview Mirror‘ Mark was kind enough to sit down in-person with Aaron, Chris, and Decibel Geek writer Billy Hardaway for a long-form talk on the new album, the history of Slaughter, and A LOT of discussion about his days working with Vinnie Vincent in the Invasion.


Aaron and Chris put out a call a few weeks ago for listener questions for Mark and the listeners did not disappoint. Many of the questions made it into the interview including one that Mark deemed his favorite. The solicitor of that question wins an autographed print of Mark from the photoshoot for his new album. The photo was taken by friend of the show and past guest Chad Lee of Chad Lee Photography. Be sure to listen to the end because Mark gives you another opportunity to win a signed photo if you can be the first to submit an answer to The Decibel Geek podcast wishes to thank Mark Slaughter for his time and his openness to everything that was asked.

Geeks of the Week:

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