Conversation with Munsey Ricci – Ep456

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We’re back this week with loads of cool stories about the music business in our Conversation with Munsey Ricci. You may not know his name but you definitely know his work. With a career in the record industry going back nearly 40 years including 30 as the head of Skateboard Marketing, Munsey has helped push countless records to rock radio around the world. If a rock or metal artist has released something in the past 30+ years, chances are good that Munsey was behind its marketing. Seriously, look at his past client roster at and see for yourself.

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Munsey Ricci


Munsey has lots of great memories and stories of working with legendary artists. In this episode we hear about his time working with KISS, Motorhead, Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Metallica, Dio, and tons more. Additionally, he gives us his perspective on how marketing albums to radio has changed over time. It’s an interesting insight into a side of the industry that you may not know.

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