CRAZY LIXX – Ruff Justice (Album Review)


Crazy Lixx Ruff JusticeHaving checked out this band a few times over the past decade based on their name, which appeals to me and is generally indicative of my expectations of sound. Over the years they have delivered that sleaze sound that seems to breed like rabbits in Sweden (and neighboring countries). I do keep coming back to Crazy Lixx each release and through many member changes, I still await the evolution of the hooks to over the top levels. In their latest release we may be getting there, and perhaps even arrived on some of the tracks.

The first track into Crazy Lixx‘s Ruff Justice is “Wild Child” and the guitar tone and melodic vocals are kicking it up. Good start out of the gate.

Second track “XIII” begins a tad slowly tempo wise and gives me a start of concern slowing it down this early, then again do many people actually listen to an album track to track anymore so it may be a moot point. The moot lay in the fact it speeds up and is catchy as can be. I love the ex-triple-I, clever! This is also one of three songs on the release that belong to Friday The 13th: The Game.

The release progresses through similar sounding songs such as “Walk the Wire” and “Shot with a Needle of Love”, both rockers and melodic throughout.

“Killer” slows down for the intro and while not confirmed I would assume this may be in the aforementioned game as well based on title and lyrics.

“Hunter of The Heart” reminds me of an early Def Leppard sound musically. The vocals sound a little more raw in this one, I like them and similar to Kix and/or Dangerous Toys.

I am losing interest in the sound on “Snakes in Paradise”. Each song is blending with another. It is not a bad tune, just leaning towards generic. The interest level is waning on “If It’s Love”.

Ruff Justice finishes up with second to last track “Kiss of Judas” which has a more unique sound to it compared to the other tracks, glad I stuck around. This is a good track that I will listen to more than once. We are then given “Live before I Die” to round out the 10 tracks. Another good tune that is different enough to pay attention to, and enjoy. It’s a good finish to a good release. For any band to write and record (and everything else involved) 10 songs in the new/old day of single downloading of songs is a tough nut to crack. Kudos to Crazy Lixx. I would like to see them live so either I have to cross the pond or we need to wake up here in North America to hard rock n’ roll.

Tracks to Try: “Wild Child”/”XIII”/”Kiss of Judas”/”Live Before I Die”

  • Blair De Abreu




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