CROOKED SHAPES – Fallout (EP Review)

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Crooked Shapes - FalloutCrooked Shapes are a brand new band from Reading, England, playing top-notch blues rock.

Reading, of course, is famous in music circles as the host of the annual Reading Festival, a mish-mash of current popular pop and occasional rock acts. Back in the day, though, the 1970s and 80s, it was the highlight of the rock fans’ year, with bands like Saxon, Maiden, UFO, Thin Lizzy and MSG all playing.

But that was then and this is now, and now means Crooked Shapes. Formed in 2018 the band is made up of George Twydell on vocals and guitar, George Ives on bass and Craig Carlaw on drums. Released on their own label, Fallout is the band’s debut EP and what a debut it is.

Kicking off this 5 track EP is “Wicked Ways” which is possibly the most bluesy song of them all, although with a distinctly modern twist. Choppy blues riffs are scattered all over the track and it’s a great way to start.

“Let It Go” is up next with the highlights being the organ unexpectedly appearing and driving much of the track and the untypical solo, anotherCrooked Shapes winner. Check out the video below.

 “The Champion” follows which is a very modern uptempo rocker. Singalong heaven, this is a track to get you rockin’ and add to that another quality solo and the hits keep on coming.

It’s back to the blues for the title track, “Fallout”. A slower groover with impassioned lyrics and once again punctuated by more excellent fretwork. Twydell really does have a great touch.

The biggest of big finishes comes all too quickly and the 10 minutes 42 “Life Without Rock and Roll”. It’s a groovy ride summoning the spirits of Zeppelin, Free and Cream. Full of feeling, the track does not drag once and again Twydell is on top guitar form. There’s a 2-minute departure into guitar self-indulgence but even that can’t stop the momentum.

I can’t imagine life without rock and roll and it’s music like this which keeps me coming back for more. Fallout is a brilliant EP from Crooked Shapes, do the right thing and make sure your life is not without quality rock and roll. You never know, they could headline the Reading Festival some day.   

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