CYANIDE 4 – Nekyia (Album Review)


Cyanide 4 NekyiaCyanide: liquid, colorless, very volatile with a bitter almond odor and highly toxic.
Cyanide 4: Hard, angry, with a bittersweet flavor. Also highly toxic.
Results: raises adrenaline to the max. (so says the Facebook page at least)

Looking for new, gritty, sleaze rock? Crave a sound that harkens back to the 80’s glam era of Los Angeles? Well, off to Greece with you then! I present Cyanide 4 based in Athens. Back in January 2017, the Greek quartet unveiled their sophomore effort, Nekyia, thanks to the fine folks at Perris Records. Formed in 2008, Cyanide 4 has been infecting a strong fan base throughout Greece and Europe. Their debut release, Everyday is a Masquerade, appeared in May of 2012 and now nearly five years after comes Nekyia. Membership in this exclusive Greek club sees the likes of G.A. Sinn (vocals/guitar), Johnyy Slut (guitar), Nasty George (bass), and Alex Rated (drums) rocking the stages.

I turned to the “always” accurate Wikipedia to find out what exactly Nekyia was: In ancient Greek cult practice and literature, a nekyia (Ancient Greek: ἡ νέκυια) is a “rite by which ghosts were called up and questioned about the future,” i.e., necromancy. A nekyia is not necessarily the same thing as a katabasis.

And promptly after, the meaning of katabasis: Katabasis or catabasis (Ancient Greek: κατάβασις, from κατὰ “down” and βαίνω “go”) is a descent of some type, such as moving downhill, the sinking of the winds or sun, a military retreat, a trip to the underworld, or a trip from the interior of a country down to the coast.

OK, enough of that…the only Greek I can speak are the dirty words and I’m getting lost, so let’s head over to the music.

CYANIDE 4 – Nekyia

Cyanide 4“Restless” opens the floodgates as waves of filthy sleaze wash over the listener. A rampaging, fist pumper leading off Nekyia with nearly four minutes of glam dripping, sleaze tinged hard rock! Ok, Cyanide 4, I may never have heard of you prior, but you have my attention now, carry on, please. The Greek outfit does exactly that in “Rock ‘n’ Roll Hero” for which the only explanation I need supply is “watch the video below”. The opening moments of “She-Mystery Girl” dance with a little “flirty” guitar. Yes, I did just call that guitar work “flirty”. While listening you can just picture that attractive young lady in the club “dancing’flirting” with you, luring you into her web. That’s my take on the first three tracks of Nekyia, all good.

But, wait there’s more! While the whole ten track release plays well, there are a few that rise above as always. A real grabber for me is “Lucky 13”, can’t really even say why. I guess I just like the groove. “Amphetamine Dreams” has a kind of arena rock thunder to it and the closer “Love Me When I’m Dead” exhibits a great punch.

I should think that these boys’ compositions would appeal to any fan of the Sunset Strip era. Check out the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Hero” video below, it’s a good indication of the rest of Nekyia. Off to purchase Everyday Is A Masquerade!

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