DAMN DICE – Thriller Killer (Album Review)


Damn Dice kinda came at me from out of nowhere. Sure they contacted me through the Decibel Geek email board to submit their forthcoming Thriller Killer album for review. But I didn’t expect what I heard. I envisioned, for some reason, another 80s sound clone type band that never really quite reaches the target quality of that golden era. So many bands fall into this sub-par category if you ask me. Perhaps it’s because I lived through the 80s so I’ve already heard it all. What I found in Damn DiceThriller Killer, although 80s influenced, is more of an updated sound. They encompass a lot of 80s elements, yet also a fresh modern sound. The band themselves says: Too metal for the rockers, too catchy for the metalheads, too punk for the pop-rockers, too heavy for the punks”.

DAMN DICE – Background

The band formed in 2011 realizing members from four different countries. Ah, the days of the internet. Tales from the Porn is a perfect example of how this “record through Skype” style of song/album crafting can work tenfold. Assuming that’s how Damn Dice operate, they really drive that home. The band, based in the UK officially, released an EP in 2013 and a debut album, The Great Unknown in 2015. 2018’s Thriller Killer is the sophomore and purportedly the final traditionally issued album that Damn Dice will deliver. I hope not. More below.

DAMN DICE – Thriller Killer (Album Review)

Thriller Killer begins with “Thrill of the Kill”, a perfect introduction and tone setter. Right from the off the energy pulsates, hits hard with catchy verses and a sweet 80s flavored guitar solo.

But it’s track two, “Stories I Write”, that has become total ear candy for ye Olde Meister (sometimes I like to refer to myself in the third person…from days of yore apparently)! The track has a “stand up and take notice” stuttering style riff leading off and flowing throughout. The vocal hook embeds so deeply and so quickly, it’s amazing! I can’t stop listening to this track. I’m quite certain this gem will surface as a D.I.T.D. feature track on an upcoming episode of my CGCM Podcast!

“This Time” serves to ramp the already high level of energy and buzz to still loftier heights! This one features a true headbanging, swinging riff bridge. Just what’s needed to get the crowd moving in a live setting I should imagine. BTW..any chance of a live show? Maybe at a major festival? It’s a long way from Toronto, but I need to experience Damn Dice in concert!

That’s only the first three tracks on Thriller Killer! The whole thing continues to rip and rock its way through the twelve-song collection. All mixed by the legendary James Loughrey (Queen, Def Leppard, The Darkness, Skindred,…) who did a fantastic job!

DAMN DICE – Thriller Killer (Final Words)

This album has been filling my ears during chores around the home, making the bus commutes to and from work more tolerable and generally been on a near non-stop rotation for a couple of weeks now! Great album, a definite contender when beginning to consider the top ten releases of 2018. Please tell me where to get their earlier outputs…and for the love of (whatever you believe in) let this NOT BE THE FINAL DAMN DICE ALBUM!

Thriller Killer is the sophomore and purportedly the final album that Damn Dice will deliver. And that’s a damn shame. But the unsigned band says they’re calling it quits with album releases after Thriller Killer. The band states: “…that they will still produce and release new music, but have decided that the album format is not the way forward. In future, we will write, record and release new material as and when we can… Rather than releasing a twelve track record every year or every couple of years, we will release songs by themselves.” Which means, sadly, I’ll probably never hear Damn Dice again! I’m not a “single-type” of guy. If you can’t deliver me a full album package to listen to and take me on a journey, I’m not interested.

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