Dave Lombardo on Jeff Hanneman Dream “He walked by and just said “it’s all yours, Dave. It’s all yours.”

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Dave Lombardo Jeff Hanneman Slayer Dream Suicidal Tendencies Misfits

Dave Lombardo


In a recent long-form interview with the Talk Toomey podcast, drummer Dave Lombardo reflected on a recent dream he had of late Slayer band mate Jeff Hanneman. Asked by show host Joshua Toomey if Hanneman would be excited about Lombardo‘s current projects, which include drumming for the reunited Misfits as well as Suicidal Tendencies (of which Hanneman was a fan), the drummer replied: “Well, I mean, he would be patting me on the back. I know that for sure. But, I had a dream not long ago. It was before the Misfits shows. And it was kind of creepy because it was like I had met Jeff, like in this, like a backstage hallway. I saw him and I was like, “Jeff, dude, what’s going on?!”and he walked by and just said “It’s all yours, Dave. It’s all yours.” And then he walked into this door and I started banging on the door.I wanted to talk to him more. But what hit me was, the fact that he said “It’s all yours, dude.” you know? So, I think it was kind of a little affirmation or his way of maybe saying “Go dude, do it.” So, it was awesome.”

The episode can be streamed/downloaded at the following link:


The Talk Toomey podcast, hosted by Joshua Toomey and Mike G, features metal discussion and interviews that cover a wide range of artists. Joshua Toomey is a former member of nu-metal band Primer 55 and Mike G is a rock concert photographer for MDG Rock Photography.

The Talk Toomey podcast is released weekly and is available on iTunes, podcast directories, and it’s official website HERE

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