THE DEAD DAISIES – Make Some Noise (Album Review)


The Dead Daisies – Reloaded and ready to Make Some Noise

Dead DaisiesThe Dead Daisies are reloaded and in top form, as they prepare for the release of their upcoming album, Make Some Noise. Out are Dizzy Reed, Richard Fortus, and vocalist Jon Stevens. In are veteran rocker John Corabi and guitarist extraordinaire, Doug Aldrich. Rounding out the current line-up are Brian Tichy (drums), Marco Mendoza (bass), and David Lowy (guitar). Top to bottom, this is the strongest line-up to date for the band. So often when bands change lineups, the whole falls short of the sum of the parts. That is clearly not the case with this latest version of the Daisies. It’s obvious they are having fun making music together and often that’s the difference between a record like Make Some Noise and one that comes off feeling lifeless and forced.

Make Some Noise consists of 12 tracks, 10 originals, and 2 covers. Start to finish, the record is nothing short of a rock andcover roll freight train gaining momentum as it rumbles down the tracks. With no ballads, no filler, and simple production, Make Some Noise is simply a straight ahead no frills rock record. While the Daisies definitely have cultivated their own unique sound, Make Some Noise can be best described as classic Aerosmith on steroids. The record is heavy with great riffs and melodies with hooks for days. It goes without saying the musicianship across the board is without equal. With pedigrees that read like a who’s who of rock royalty, Aldrich, Mendoza and Tichy are nothing short of a rock and roll all-star team. For guitar aficionados, some of Aldrich‘s, best solo work on the record can be found on “Last Time I Saw the Sun” and “Mainline”.

Of the 10 original tunes, The album opener, “Long Way to Go”,Mainline” and “Song and a Prayer” stand out from the pack. Aldrich‘s opening riff on “Song and a Prayer” may be one of the best gems on the record. The title track, “Make Some Noise“, is a sing-along anthem that would make Queen proud.

While I’m typically adverse to covers, especially more than one on a given record as it takes up space for more originals, The two cover tunes, Credence Clearwater Revival‘s “Fortunate Son” and The Who‘s  “Join Together” play particularly well with the rest of the record. The band makes them their own and they don’t have the feel of a throw-in or afterthought.

group 2Make Some Noise drops August 5th via SPV. I highly recommend this record to any fan of good rock and roll. It’s easily one of the best hard rock albums to hit the streets this year. If you shop Amazon, please support the Decibel Geek Podcast by using the link below to pre-order/purchase the album.

The Dead Daisies are currently wrapping up some European dates before heading out with KISS on the east coast U.S. run for their Freedom To Rock tour and then it’s off to Japan. Do not miss the chance catch the Daisies this summer.

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Full Track List

  1. Long Way to Go
  2. We All Fall Down
  3. Song and a Prayer
  4. Mainline
  5. Make Some Noise
  6. Fortunate Son (Credence Clearwater Revival Cover)
  7. Last Time I Saw the Sun
  8. Mine All Mine
  9. How Does It Feel
  10. Freedom
  11. All the Same
  12. Join Together (Who Cover)


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